Road To Revolution

To conduct general searches for contraband. During the French and Indian war. Colonist lost family Resentment, and colonists were not members; risking their they crossed into appreciative and Proclamation of lives to win the war, the Ohio Valley regarded new policies videotaped warfare anyway. Between the Indians, Resulted in warfare acknowledge tit Natives. T that Indians Reaction was owned lands, immediate and which they understandably were residing negative and white men were removed from the area Sugar Act 1764 -Refined sugar imported by the colonies Taxed all luxury items like silk, and molasses. SST Committee of Correspondence in Mass. Boston experimented with Boycotts “No taxation without representation” Colonist were angry by sugar act and many smuggled molasses in. Northern colon sees organized protest and other colonies warned royal governors that tax was unfair.

Currency Act 1764 Colonies suffered contain souse shortage of cue reentry which affected trading. Stamp Act 1 765 Law that taxed all printed paper items such as newspaper Quartering Acts 1765- two acts of the British parliament in the 18th century. The colony issued bills Prevailed the mercantile of credit, a form of system, providing cheap paper money that was raw materials for the mother country Smoldering resentment backed by anticipated tax collections. Required colonists to pay taxes on all printed papers. Required colonists to shelter and feed decodes.

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The colonists acted out Petitions to the King with violence because to control Parliament. They thought that all these taxation were Boycotts, massive violence. Creation of unfair. Everyone was the Sons of Liberty. Affected, everyone buys newspapers… The colonists feared that Parliament wanted to Protests in colonial use the troops to control Assemblies. Petitions the movement and their to the KING freedom. Protests started to slow down, Ben Franklin Repeal of Stamp Act 1767- Was repealed abaca use Of boycotts Declaratory Act

Same day as above- Parliaments response to repeal of the Stamp Act Townsend Duties 1767 indirect taxes on tea, glass, paint. Voted to repeal the Stamp Act in March 1766. On the Same day as the Parliament passed the Declaratory Acts, asserting that the British government had free and total legislative power over the colonies. Parliament proclaimed that they did have the right to tax colonies Law taxing items like “tea”, glass, paint, lead. Will pay for vice admiralty courts, and debt.