Roche S Acquisition

Ruche will affect their company culture. His would make integration much harder and we eight not be able to benefit from some of the synergies. There will be two further costs associated With the We might lose the company culture. The more caveats attached, the lesser chances we have of making it attractive for the Genetic Shareholders We might not receive funding from investing bank. Pros A little bit more certain that we can successful acquiesce Genetic We might have big saving after merger these TV companies together because e of synergies.

After we successful merger two companies together, we have great influx n Biotech industry and Pharmaceutical industry. Uncertainty for Senescence’s employees and board directors. ( prevent cultures from both company. ) Even though Ruche should aim to avoid a hostile takeover, but in this see o, this seems to be only way that Ruche can acquire genetic. The more important queue! That should be answered then is if it will be able to counter the two additional costs gem d the cost of having to pay a higher price and the cost of the post takeover costs.

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ROCK II have to allow them Option C : Wait to make another offer Ross The results of the Aviations might be negative and might bring Roaches and special committee’s valuations closer together as Senescence’s future performance comes much clearer At least Ruche cannot maximize the synergies immediately. Centrality for Genetic company’s employees, and employees and BC directors might loss interesting for keep staying here due to this uncertain They might come up with new cancer drug or might some creativity par Utica production, which will highly Increase their offering price.