Rough Draft

There are a lot of necessities needed in high school. From good attendance to good grades, good behavior, and etc. If you ask me there are only three things needed to pass high school. Grades, attendance and after school activities, and I’m going to show you how these three things will assure you a diploma in high school. Also a head start in what you want to be in life. Grades are one of the most important things in high school. In high school grades mean everything, they define who you are. They are also looked at by everyone. Teachers, parents, coaches, and talent scouts.

The reason grades are important because they show how smart you are or at least how much you care obituary school work. Also no talent scout would want anyone with bad grades. A coach would rather have a guy with a grade point average Of a 3. 8 and suck then have a Star with a grade point average a 1-9. It’s because the coach knows he won’t have to worry about the guy 3. 8 In class he can focus on him on the field or court. This is another thing everyone looks at Attendance honestly defines you and your work ethic. It shows how much oh want to o something and what effort you’ll put towards it.

Attendance is what a coach, a teacher and a scout looks at too. A teacher with a student with bad attendance will most likely say that “if he doesn’t want to bother to show up, why should I even offer him/her my help? ” The last thing needed for high school is to enroll in after school activities. The main reason why is it’ll help you find out what you want to do in life. Plus there’s ton of thing to enroll in that’s fun. From technology to football all the way to wrestling the list of things is endless.