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Application of decision making model on disaster management plan: A disaster occurred which necessitated the need for a storage site identification. Later the prices of the real estate doubled therefore affecting the disaster management plan for the vaccines.

The increment of the real estate prices has some effects on the disaster management plan which includes the need of extra money to cater for their stay in the site. The increase of the prices by extension affects other process because the management may consider reducing some other expenditure like the laying off some employees.

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The increment also puts pressure on the management to work and decamp from the site earlier than planned to cut cost thereby not being effective. The only possible solution is for the management to solicit for more extra funds very fast to be able to sustain their stay there or look for some other site elsewhere with cheaper prices (Bizmanualz, 2004).

A decision model can be used to arrive at a solution concerning the price increment. This will start by defining the problem which is the increase of the real estate price. This is followed by identifying the stake holder who in this case includes the management of the vaccination project, the sponsors of the project, the people to use the vaccines among many others.

The next step will involve the identification of an alternative solution to the problem. In this case the alternatives will include relocating to other site which is cheaper than the current doubled price, soliciting more funds from the sponsors or negotiating with the owners of the estate for a reduction (Schneid and Collins, 2001). The next step involves evaluation of the alternative solutions.

Relocation to some other sites seems the best and cheaper but the getting a cheaper one is hard and relocation still involves extra costs. Soliciting for more funds is easier especially from the government or sponsors and other well wishers. Negotiating with the owners of the estate is possible but they may not be willing. Therefore the last step is reached which involves choosing the best alternative which is soliciting for more funds (Maurer and Smith, 2005).


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