Sample Biopsychosocial Evaluation

Although the abuse only happened once, she was afraid it would repeat and remained afraid of that man. Gig avoided contact with him. She was raised with her mother and father until her mother left when she was about 10. She left because her father was both verbally and physically abusive towards her, something which Gig had witnessed countless times.

Gig was enmeshed with her mother and was devastated when she left. She had difficulty with legislations and only connected with homosexual men and women. In high school Gig experimented with alcohol, pills, and marijuana and developed an obsession with the musician, David Bowie. Gig identified with Bowie’s rebelliousness and started experimenting with bisexuality. When she was 18 years old she was spotted by a photographer who did a photo-shoot for her and encouraged her to become a model.

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She moved to New York City and interviewed with Wilhelmina Cooper of Wilhelmina Models and was signed as a model. At her first photo-shoot she met hair and makeup artist Linda, with whom she developed a sexual and romantic relationship. Linda later was quoted on her personality saying, “She was like a puppy. ‘Love me, love me, love me. ” (Gig, 1998). She very quickly began booking many modeling jobs. During her rise to fame she began snorting cocaine and experimenting with other drugs.

Her behavior began to become more unpredictable and impulsive. On one occasion when her mother was trying to leave her visit to Gig to go home to Philadelphia, Gig began crying and saying how much she needed her. After her mother made it clear she could not stay, Gig began screaming at her, yelling at her to get out, and threw her suitcases into the alleyway. Gig started becoming increasingly unstable and depressed, and began snorting cocaine and smoking meet on a daily basis. It eventually became the first thing she did in the morning.

It would not be unusual for Gig to leave a photo-shoot to get drugs. Eventually, Gig enrolls in a 21 day outpatient rehab program, at the recommendation of her friends and family, in Philadelphia while she was living with her mother. She was successful until the 19th day when she discovered something that caused her to believe Linda was cheating on her. In response, Gig returned to drugs, which created a rarity of legal and financial issues for her. She was unable to obtain employment as a model due to her heavy drug use.

Gig went back to Philadelphia to enter an inpatient rehab program. She had intense physical withdrawal symptoms. After she left rehab she moved in with her mother. After developing a variety of health related issues, Gig is told she contracted HIVE from a dirty needle. After she was discharged Gig went downtown to get a plethora Of drugs to overdose on. She was then beaten and raped by one of the drug dealers and admitted back into the hospital. Gig died of complications due to HIVE.