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A management system alps the organization to achieve these goals through such things as optimization of processes, management focus and discipline of management thinking. A Document Management System ensures the archiving and retrieving of important documents inside an organization. It is an important asset in any big business and helps the organization to manage documents efficiently and faster than manual methods would allow. The researchers came up with this study due to their observations at their locale, Our Lady of Fatima University, where they saw processes which led to a pile of data which needed to be organized.

Since the capstone subject is one Of the major factors and contributor to a students graduation chances, they deemed it necessary that these processes needed to be computerized. The researchers could only observe the processes involved in documenting fulfilling requirements and meeting deadlines being accomplished by means of manually doing it. This led to the fact that the researchers observed requirements being passed late for a day or even days. This study would allow the capstone processes to be managed online and enable the users to create their documentation online and pass them when they are due.

The instructors would be able to easily disseminate guidelines and instructions through the use of the system and keep the users informed so as to prevent the late submission of documents. 1. 2 Statement of the Objectives 12. 1 General Objective The main objective of this study is to design, develop, test and evaluate a web-based management system that allows the user to access and manage the capstone processes online. 1. 2. 2 Specific Objectives The following are the specific objectives that the researchers achieved: D To create a Capstone and Thesis Document Review and Management System tit the following modules: a.

Group Management module that allows the management of groups inside the proposed system, wherein the actual group members of a capstone project would be reflected in the system. B. Document Management module, which enables the user to upload, download and view documents online. C. Account Management module, wherein the administrator can add additional and different types of users to the system. D. Phase Management module that allows the user to view created defense phases such as title, pre oral, oral and manage them in correspondence to the capstone processes. E.

Schedule Management module, which allows the admit to create schedules for the several defense phases. To design a system using the following software tools: a. A markup language such as HTML that were used in designing the structure or skeleton of the system. B. A web designing script such as CSS that were used to implement the design, in order to make it easier to use and view. C. AJAX was used to manipulate data on database responsively, which allows the automatic refreshing of content without manually reloading it. D. A JavaScript package to implement animation effects on a web page such as rope-down menus. . A server side scripting language such as PH for the designing of the system, in order to collect data out of forms and insert or retrieve them from the database. F. A database management system such as Messy was used in designing the database or data repository of the system. To test the system based on the constructed test cases that focuses on the functional and non- functional requirements, which includes: Content, Design, Functionality, Technology used and Originality. To evaluate the system based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2. 0(Level AAA). 1.

SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS This section discusses the functions included in the proposed system and its boundaries or limitations of functions. 1. 3. 1 scope The study is conducted at Our Lady of Fatima University is to be tested by the capstone students of the Cols department school year 2013-2014. The study started August 201 3 and ended March 2014. The proposed system allows for better management of documents for the several students undertaking the Capstone subject. The proposed system helps the students, teachers and panelists manage their capstone processes online.

The process f creation of groups is being managed by the capstone instructor. The capstone instructor is the one responsible to approve pending student’s registration, create groups, assign students to groups, create phases and also gives the instructor the managerial capabilities to those functions which include editing and deleting of phases. Upon approval of registration by the capstone instructor, the student can then access the functions of the system, which allows him to create, edit his documentation, submit his documents, view or pick his defense schedule, post announcements to his thesis group mates.

Furthermore, the system allows the admit to appoint so called sub admits which will be able to create and manage groups. These sub admits then act as coordinator for the group and can then create groups, edit the phases, assign advisors or upload a documentation to be used by the students. 1. 3. 2 Limitation The study focuses on the processes, which include the saving of documents as a repository, posting of announcements, picking of defense schedules, creation of defense phases, allowing the setting of deadlines, to upload a template for the students to use for their documentation, management Of dents groups.

The study does not include the spell checking of documentations, forwarding the documentation to personnel of the education department for further grammar checking, the study does also not allow for simultaneous access of documents for editing online or check for plagiarism. Furthermore, the proposed system does not evaluate or grade the students performance. 1. 4 Significance of the study The sign efficacy of this study lies in the effort to simplify keeping and tracking of capstone documents and other activities in regards to a capstone project

Also the teacher, students, panelists and adviser can be able to review the documentations online so that they can easily access it. The Capstone and Thesis Document Review and Management System (STORMS) is a web-based capstone system tested at Our Lady of Fatima University. It is a system that will help the advisors, instructors of capstone subjects, panelists and students to monitor their deadlines, create documents, submit their requirements for the capstone subject. Also it has a schedule view wherein you can see the schedule of defense that was chosen y the group for the current phase.

The system allows for easy dissemination of announcements for the students and faculty. The proposed study will enable the capstone instructor to set deadlines, create announcements, manage the capstone groups, upload documents and manage phases. The panelists will receive the documents of their scheduled groups with time and date of defense. Furthermore there will be an option included to leave comments on the documents of the students for further improvement and questioning during the defenses. The system will be a benefit to the users by minimizing he effort of keeping records and simplifying the processes of the capstone subject.

It will reduce the time needed for organizing and save money for students since documents can be reviewed and edited online, so a hard copy will not be printed over and over again. 1. 5 Conceptual Definitions Management System. It refers to a system that helps organize tasks and processes. It simplifies the actions of organizing. Web based. It is the content which is accessible through a website by accessing the content from a server. Module. It is a set of instructions which are used for executing processes in the proposed system. Template.