Samples, Before any member of our team is

Samples, specimens and cold chain materials –
knowledge and experience in laboratory relocation means we have tried and
tested procedures when handling temperature controlled materials, ensuring
their temperature integrity is regulated and maintained at all times. We
provide a number of validated temperature controlled services which meet GxP
compliance standards and can transport your consignment to any destination in
the world.

We handle
temperature controlled relocations for all types of requirements, including
frozen, chilled and temperate. By understanding your precise needs we will
provide the specialist compliant packaging and coolants needed to safely and
securely transport any samples, specimens or materials. For sensitive
temperature ranges, data monitors are used to maintain temperature integrity
throughout the relocation.  All our road vehicles are fitted with tracking
devices so we can pinpoint the location of your materials in real time.

Sensitive and confidential laboratory data – we help you to protect against
any opportunity of loss of information or leak to a third party. Before any
member of our team is assigned to a laboratory relocation they attend our
in-house training course which specifically focuses on the handling of
sensitive data, to meet GLP requirements. 

You will have the confidence of
knowing that we have the most stringent procedures and protocols in place to
ensure the correct handling of your data throughout the time it is in our care.
We ensure that a detailed and recorded chain of custody exists for all
laboratory data handled.

Laboratory data is always transported
in highly secure sealed containers. At origin we will work with you to check
and sign that each container is fully security tagged, and logged with a unique
reference ID number.  On delivery, each item is carefully and methodically
checked and signed off by the reference number, to confirm that each security
seal has not been broken, changed or tampered with during transfer.

In addition vehicle security is
of paramount importance which means that every loaded vehicle is also securely
fastened using high grade robust door seals, the same checking process is
followed at both origin and destination sites. High tech tracking devices in
each of our vehicles keeps a real-time record of every journey, including the
ability to create ‘geo fences’ to alert staff at critical points along the
route. This information can be downloaded and used for auditing requirements.

Hazardous Material – our specialist teams are competent,
experienced and trained in the safe movement of materials which may be
hazardous by virtue of their chemical, physical or biological properties, e.g. their
toxicity, flammability, pressure, temperature. These movements include the
frequent transport of a range of solvents (including flammables), other chemicals,
cryogenic liquids and solids, compressed gases, etc., throughout the UK and the

Our strict
processes and protocols address the full range of Health & Safety
legislation, both general and specific, relating to the transport of hazardous
materials, these include:

The Management
of Health & Safety at Work Regulations (MHSW)

The Control
of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)

The Pressure
Systems and Transportable Gas Containers Regulations 1989

The Manual
Handling Operations Regulations 1992

The Personal
Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992

The Provision
and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

The Ionising
Radiations Regulations 1999

The Dangerous
Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002

(Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 2005

Under these
Regulations we always fully consider the hazards associated with materials and
systems of work and undertake a written assessment of significant risks prior
to commencement.

We fully meet
all areas of legislation that requires our teams involved in the handling and
transport of hazardous materials to be adequately trained, competent and made aware
of the hazards and risks associated with their activities and are given
suitable and sufficient information and advice.

Our trained drivers
hold ADR training certificates. ADR is a European agreement and standard which sets
out the requirements for classifying, packaging, labelling, transporting and
certifying dangerous goods.

We employ a
permanent Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) who is assigned to every
hazardous goods relocation and has the main responsibility for monitoring
compliance with all dangerous goods regulations.

We take care
of all aspects of hazardous goods relocation by preparing and managing all the documentation
for transportation. Our attention to detail and methodical approach makes sure
that risks are minimised and deadlines are met.

Clean rooms – We have over 30 years of experience
in in moving, crating, and installing process equipment and machinery in clean
rooms. We are experts in cleanroom relocation and equipment moves.

Our highly
trained cleanroom operatives are aware of the contamination, vibration, and
condensation issues associated with cleanroom equipment moving. We have
specialised crate designs and equipment, including floating decks, air casters,
poly dollies, foil packaging, shock and movement watch indicators and weight
scale pallet trucks to safely and securely handle cleanroom equipment and machinery.

Because of
our experience our highly trained teams are experts in the Vibration, Moisture
& Contaminant Sensitive Packing & Moving that is needed when
transporting sensitive cleanroom equipment. Our unique skills and experience
also ensure that we carry out excellent protection of surrounding facilities.

We offer
contract on site support services for OEM equipment vendors who need support in
unpack and installation of new equipment at a customer site.

Project Management – let us take care of every aspect of your laboratory relocation by
appointing one of our professional and expert Project Managers to work with
you. We know that every laboratory relocation project is unique and every
organisation has different priorities, challenges and issues which need to be carefully

We have experienced laboratory
relocation project managers who understand all the practicalities associated
with laboratory relocation, such as the stringent methodologies, challenging
environment, client confidentiality, equipment sensitivity and regulatory

Our Project Management team have
built up a huge amount of insights and knowledge that we share worth our
customers. This has been built through a deep understanding of our customers
and over 30 years of supporting a wide range of organisations in the planning,
organisation and implementation of laboratory relocation projects

Our laboratory project management
services include:

•Scoping out the works

•Budgeting and financial control

•Personnel and stakeholder
engagement and communications

•Move schedule planning and

•Third party management

•OEM liaison

•Hazardous materials transfers

•Move mapping and indexing

and risk plans

•Regulatory Compliance and adherence

•Secure data management and
transfer of IT and communications

Our project managers often work
on the customers premises before, during and after the relocation to make sure all
queries are quickly answered and any potential issues can be avoided before
they happen.

Our project team, led by our
Project Manager will be dedicated to your project throughout  and will work closely with your own project
team from an early stage to build up a deep understanding of all the
departments, data, instrumentation and machinery to be moved, as well as any
research specimens, hazardous goods or chemicals or any specialist items. 
Our team will establish where inter-dependencies exist, these will be
identified and incorporated into a draft relocation schedule.

A detailed risk matrix and
contingency plans will be formulated and used as a working document for the
duration of the project. This matrix and plans will be regularly reviewed and
updated at agreed points within the project timetable.

A crucial aspect in project
managing any size laboratory relocation is the liaison and communication with
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). We are hugely experienced in dealing
with OEM’s, vendors and other third parties involved in laboratory
relocation.  We are fully familiar with instruments
which are under warranty and how this impacts on preparation, handling and

Our OEM processes will be built
in to the overall relocation plan, to include OEM communication and a detailed
audit trail for proper and correct decontamination and decommissioning
procedures of all OEM instrumentation under warranty.  Our focus will be on providing and receiving
timely information to avoid any unnecessary delays or cost.

comprehensive Project Management service provides you with peace of mind, knowing
that every aspect of your relocation is in safe hands and will receive the
right level of focus, saving you time and money and significantly removing a
potential big distraction, allowing your people to concentrate on their core
research work.