SamsungCase Questions

What percentage of Samsung Motors do they directly own? (Note: You do not have to provide the exact number. A good approximation will be adequate. ) 4. The client wants to recommend governance changes with special emphasis on the board of directors. Evaluate the current board of Samsung Electronics. What are the strengths and weaknesses in the current board composition? How many directors can be classified as non-executive? How many can be classified as independent? What are your criteria for assessing director independence?

Do you think changes need to be made to the current board composition? If no – why not, if yes – what changes would you recommend? 5. Based on the company’s financial as of December 31, 1 997 and publicly available information, investigate the allegations made by Dry. Gang. Do you think the convertible bond issue was a self-dealing transaction? How would you prove that claim? What evidence do you have on you claim? (Note: you are not expected to do a DOC. ) 6. Does the agreement with the Pan-Pacific Industrial Investment resemble a impel direct investment or something else?

Why was the guarantee clause included in the contract? Does it change the instrument? If you were on the Audit committee of the company what questions would you ask about this transaction? 7. The client wants to know the main corporate governance changes that Samsung Electronics has undergone since the series Of scandals a decade ago.