Save as Many as You Ruin

I strongly believe that Gerard is a pensive man who dwells too much on the past and it results in him not Ewing able to be happy, but when he finally stops focusing on the past and wondering how extraordinary’ his life is he encounters a change in luck and starts to realize how wonderful his life can become. In the beginning of the story, Gerard is walking home from work, in the snow, and is thinking of memorable historical figures from the past. He thinks upon an old physical education teacher, how his biggest wish was for the team was for them to try their hardest and win.

Gerard also thinks about how hat same physical education teacher ran in the Olympics in 1 936, and won a medal. After, Gerard begins to think about Hitler, and how he had the power to influence so many people to do such horrible crimes, such as killing millions of Jews. It is still snowing outside as Gerard thinks about these people, then Gerard begins to think about footprints in the snow, everyone’s footprints and then his own footprints, he thinks how soon they will all just disappear. In this story I think footprints, symbolize a legacy or something memorable that people have done.

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Gerard thinks about these historical figures because they all did something significant to be recognized, figuratively speaking, they left footprints in the snow. When Gerard thinks about his footprints he thinks they will just disappear and this makes him wonder “if his life is an extraordinary one (Van Booby 9. )” I think when Gerard compares himself to people like his physical education teacher and Hitler, he feels as if he wont accomplish major things like them. Throughout the story we learn more about Grade’s life.

Gerard met a Oman named Sissy, after he had already been in a relationship with a woman named Laurel for a month. He knew it was wrong to cheat on Laurel, but he figured if other men can have a partner outside of a long-term relationship so could he. However, after some time, Gerard made the courageous decision to tell Sissy that he was falling in love with Laurel. Sissy wasn’t surprised, however, there was a small inconvenience; Sissy was pregnant. Ultimately Gerard had to tell Laurel, and she broke up with him, over an e-mail, a week later.

After Sissy eave birth to Lucy, Grade’s daughter, she moved to Los Angels to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress and four years later she died leaving Gerard to raise Lucy alone. During the same day Gerard was walking home from work he sees Laurel, the woman he used to love, inside of a shop and he decides to say hi to her. I think this is where the contrasting title of the story, “Save as Many as You Ruin”, starts playing a role in the story. The title is contrasting because in order to save people you have to ruin them, but what is the point f ruining them if you’re just going to save them again?

Why not just save them right from the start? I think the title is significant to the story because I think it is the motto Gerard has been living his life by. I think he feels bad because he ruined Sissy life, by getting her pregnant and not actually loving her, so he’s trying to “save” his daughter by being the best dad he possibly can so that he “saves as many as he ruined. ” When Gerard is talking with Laurel, he tells her that he doesn’t want to tell Lucy the truth about her other because he “cannot bring himself to hurt her now with the truth.

Because something like that can destroy a child (104-105)”. He cares a lot about his daughter and he obviously does not want to hurt her the way he did Sissy. Finally, at the end of the Story Gerard and Laurel spend a Steamy night together, and when he comes home Sissy begins to interrogate him about who he has been with. He tells her he was out for dinner with a woman and to Grade’s surprise Lucy approves and she starts asking questions about their (Grade’s and Laurel’s) future together.

I think at this point in the story is where there is a major shift in the mood. It changes from sad, when Gerard and Laurel were talking about the death of Sissy and switches to happy at the end, when Laurel and Gerard meet up and spend the night together. I think the mood reflects Grade’s feelings. He was saddened by the death of Sissy and he does not like talking about it to Laurel and that’s why the mood of the story was sad. Then he and Laurel get back together and he is happy again, therefore the mood of the story was also happy.

In conclusion, I think that Gerard has stopped dwelling on the past because he has moved on to Laurel again and he is focusing on their possible future together. In addition, think he has stopped thinking about what kind of “footprints” or “legacy’ he is going to leave because he says “that the footsteps of snow on the window are just that (204-205). “The footsteps are not what they were at the beginning of the story when he thought they meant something.