Scenario Concept ECO

In the next, you will be working the scene of Carols Cruz given for class ECHOES. This scenario spoke of an idea of the Mr.. Carols Cruz, inventor and businessman discussed that in the near future all the books will be read in any place through digitization. Carols thinks that the consumer would assist if their favorite books can be achieved in digital form in order to be able to read it or listen to them depending on your choice. Carols saw that the trend would change to read in hard copy to have the books in digital formats or in audio format on different types of mechanisms such as readers or tablets.

Cross wants to benefit from this trend and in turn is interested in developing its own technology to take advantage of the situation. In economics, the concept of scarce resources, it is very important. According to “Investigated” (2014), we can define a scarcity of a problem that arises because people have unlimited desires, but resources are limited. Due to the shortage, some trends and economic decisions must be made to allocate resources efficiently. In economic terms, the resources include land, labor, capital and entrepreneurial ability.

All these terms can be summed up in one basic idea, s resources are limited, we must understand that we cannot have everything. Entrepreneurship comes into play and there is to decide how much can be achieved using less. A comparison of these terms with the scenario, we can see that Carols has different options for achieving the concept of the digitization of books. Carols you can either continue doing the work itself and be less productive in other areas or outsource staff to help you to create your idea. In terms of the economy, we must look into 2 parts, micro and macro.

In regard to the macro, the sale of books on can be a resource that generates good capital, UT it must be borne in mind its direct competition, for example Amazon, Apple (l books) and Barnes and Noble. In terms of micro, we must take into account the costs of machinery (scanner), digitization programs, payroll cost of staff in order to manage the system, payment for copyright, among others.