Teacher explanation Q & A, theory notes, pictures Handbook : Junior secondary history 3 Explain the features of Streptococcus’s, Continuations and Homo habits 4 The stone age periods Describe the different stone age periods and the people associated with each period. Starting with the Early Stone Age followed by the Middle Stone Age and lastly the Late Stone Age. Power point presentation 5 The Iron Age Traders and Farmers Trace the beginning of farming to the Middle East about 300 BC. Explain the development of the political structure in Egypt. Teacher explanation and theory’ notes 6 The Iron Age Farmers and Traders

Explain the spread of Egyptian civilization to Exam and Cush as well as explain the geographical reasons responsible for the delayed reaching of this civilization to Zambia. Describe how iron was smelted. Teacher disposition, class discussion and theory notes 7 Early Traders in Zambia : Ongoing Elide Explain the main activities of the people at this trading centre and the main activities they were engaged in. Account for the social structure at the site and the evidence of such a structure. Write a coherent essay on Ongoing Elide as it is a common feature.