Schumacher’s order for a business to prosper properly,

Schumacher’s ideas and claims are more convincing due to
the fact that the perspective associates with my own ideas. I thought that Alfred
Chandler’s main things for large companies are not able to be popularized for
most of business society. Also, for these days, many of large companies have
already seized market powers, such as Samsung, Apple, and Zara. In addition, in
most large-scale corporations, that coexists with many wealthy and poor people.

In this case, the largest middle-class population will be wondering how they
can influence society. In his work, Schumacher created a phenomenon called “Megalopolis”
in which wealthy countries such as the United States created many people who
are struggling to find themselves in society. It can commit crimes, be
marginalized in society, and cause family problems. Also, Schumacher believes
that “Megalopolis” forms a dual society without cohesion among people.

Schumacher believes that small and medium-sized companies experience higher prosperity than big ones because small units are as prosperous as most economies of scale.

It also
requires more effort to maintain a large organization and consists of several
smaller organizations. In order for a business to prosper properly, it needs
the freedom of many municipalities, and at the same time requires a
large-scale, possibly global, unity and coordination order.  There are
appropriate measures for each specific activity. Smaller companies are more