Security Objective Components

First, small steps can be taken that will provide a foundation for the overall security of any congregation. Cameras are a great way to deter as well as catch any criminals that may be considering robbery or vandalism. Lock and alarm systems are another great way to deter or stop a criminal from committing a crime against the church or its members. Cameras are an incredible way to apprehend and convict any suspect that actually succeeded in a criminal act against the congregation or their property. There are many more ways that a church can heighten security.

Private security is a great way to reduce fear, deter criminals and eliminate any travel time that it would take for a police officer to respond to he scene if a crime has been committed. If a security guard is already on site then they are able to respond immediately. Hiring private security also reduces the chance that physical security operations are run properly. Security guards are able to test locks, cameras and alarms to ensure that they are always working properly. Security guards can remain in certain areas or they can monitor cameras and cover a much larger area.

With these safeguards in place the church members are able to feel comfortable and enjoy their beliefs without the fear of hate crimes, robbery or vandalism. With everyone safe the staff members are able to do their job in peace and provide a great service for their followers. Now that the church is safe from intruders, it is pertinent that all internal employees and staff members are reliable. Personnel security is a method of security that requires proper staffing as well as sufficient coverage of staff members so that all areas are covered by quality employees.

Without taking measures to ensure that the church staff is made up of superior employees then every physical precaution that was taken to avoid a problem is worthless. Once the staff members are assembled it is very important that each worker is educated in precautions that need to be taken and how each person and department must work together. Interdepartmental dependency when relating to church security would entail each department working together on different duties in order to produce a safe organization.

If each department is not working in unison then there will be opportunity for a criminal to Contravene the security foundation that has been created for the congregation. This vulnerability could be detrimental to the entire congregation. Working together and being quipped with the proper tools allows every person to be competent of handling any situation that may arise. There are so many precautions that could have be taken to save the lives of each person that was executed or harmed in the attack that occurred in side the church.

It is very unfortunate that society has gotten to a point were safe havens such as churches have to take such security precautions. In the occurrence of the church shootings there are some countermeasures that may have avoided the unnecessary deaths and injuries that transpired. If there had been a security guard on duty hen these people could have been stopped before any weapons were fired. Metal detectors could also have alerted the staff and they may have been able to apprehend the suspects before their rampage.

Another great idea for any business is to buy and apply flame retardant paint for their establishment. This is especially vital for churches that may be susceptible to vandalism or bombings. This keeps the flames from spreading and destroying the entire building. An additional countermeasure is staff educating. If each staff member is educated on how to react in certain situations then they can imbibe forces with the security staff to lead the congregation to safety with as little panic as possible. With these precautions being made less people will be injured and there will be much less fatalities.

The church could have also had better locks on the doors and windows and could have had cameras so that security would have seen these individuals before they reached the inside Of the church. Security measures are important in any business or place where various people gather. The key to sufficient security within a mall setting is physical security tactics and interdepartmental harmony. If a criminal were to decide to go into a mall and begin shooting individuals would have a better chance of going unharmed since there are more exits and more places to hide than if these people were trapped inside a church.

When mall officers witness any issues or notice any problems on the security cameras then they can work together, alongside the other departments, and take immediate action. Mall security objectives are identical to that of a church apart from the fact that a mall would have more doors and windows to arm and lock, more cameras and more security guards so that they are able to cover a larger square footage. A couple countermeasures that mall security officials can take are security tag alarms and larger private security force.

Individuals in a mall setting can be rushed from the building much quicker than from inside a church. This advantage allows police to focus on the criminal instead of worrying about victims. If the police are forced to shoot, in retaliation, then they do not have to worry about innocent people getting hurt. Regardless of the location it is very important to take precautions in order to protect innocent people. Crime rates are skyrocketing and the crimes are also getting much more severe than n the past.