Sem. 1 Midterm 1

Do the consequences of climate change fall equally on all people/are they created equally by all people? How so/not?
No, the consequences do not fall equally on all people. Nor are the overall emissions for all people equal. Many people in developed countries create most of the pollution, while most of the people in developing countries will suffer the worst of its effects.
UNFCCC: What does it stand for, when did it occur?
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 1992.
UNFCCC: What happened? How many countries ratified?
The conclusion was that the ratifiying countries would prevent anthropogenic climate change from harming the natural environment, and that they would allow natural ecosystems time to adapt to the changes so that worldwide agriculture would not suffer. 189 countries ratified.
How many countries were necessary to ratify the Kyoto Protocol?
How many countries ratified the Kyoto protocol by 2004?
How many countries ratified the Kyoto protocol by 2007?
When did the Kyoto protocol go live?
April 12th, 2005
What are the Annex 1 countries expected to do under the kyoto protocol? Developing countries?
The Annex 1 countries are expected to reduce their carbon emissions collectively to 5% under the 1990 level. The developing countries, however, are only expected to monitor their carbon emissions.
Which country isn’t ratified with the Kyoto Protocol? Why is it ironic?
The United States hasn’t ratified, but it is ironic because of the fact that several countries that are ratified like Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and Australia have had even greater increases in carbon emissions than we have.
Will the Kyoto Protocol have a large impact? Why or why not? What are the benefits? What comes next?
No the Kyoto protocol will not have a large impact because the developing nations don’t have any reason to help out with the Kyoto Protocol. The benefit, however, is that it may prepare the world and set the stage for upcoming, more effective protocols. Bali was supposed to be the next step, but nothing happened there. Copenhagen is the next step.