Sexuality at Different Life Stages

Anna also would be informed that just because your body may be giving you signals that you are ready, you have to also listen to your orals, judgment, and values to ensure she is ready to take such a big step into adult life. Lastly would talk to her mother and ask her to talk to Anna privately and tell her she has the most confidence that she will make the best decisions in life And that she is able to talk at any time.

Scenario 2 As the therapist, I would provide that all information is kept private and modesty is kept to the highest standard. First would tell Susan that it is not uncommon that her sex drive has been renewed and let the couples know hat there are stereotypes that older individuals are not interested or desire sex. Age has no barrier or decrease in satisfaction as regards to the bedroom and if an older couple is not finding satisfaction or interest in the bedroom they could be missing out at renewing their youth and love for another.

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I would explain that having sex is a choice and if Tom decided he was not comfortable having sex then he should not feel pressured, but if he was still interested in having a sex life then he should be met with encouragement and understanding. The couple would have to be educated on the body and minds of the aging adult. Blood flow would be talked about as well if there Was any high amount of stress that Tom was feeling. I would also explain to Tom that if his health permitted, that there is products like Vicarage that could help if he so desired.

The most important aspect I would educate the couple on is understanding and encouragement and and the ability to keep all lines of communication open so there is no unwanted stress in the relationship, but would explain to Susan that her desires are better expressed to Tom ether than suppressed. Would suggest spending a relaxing weekend at home and inform them of the power of touch and explain that the setting can influence the mood and to let sex happen naturally and not pressure it on anyone.

Scenario 3 In this scenario, as the therapist I would first congratulate Bill on making a huge step towards Fulfilling his desires in sexuality with his partner. First of all this would be a very intimate and careful Conversation because not only would you have to find out his range of possibility’s being handicapped But Loud also have to find out what his partners comfort zone was as well.

Assuming that he was unable to have traditional sex, I would first inform the couple that there are many ways to express their love without intercourse. I would suggest imagination and experimentation and ask them to try this for a while and then let another know what feels good and what satisfies their individual needs. Would also encourage trying different positions and styles and informing the couple that there is something called mutual masturbation ND pending on where the injury is on the spine that Bill could still experience orgasm.

I would also inform the couple that concerns in this type of situation Is completely normal and that his/her concerns are completely justified. I would highly suggest that The couple see a relationship therapist and always keep communication about their sex lives and their basic needs open and assure them that having a completely healthy sex life is obtainable as long as both parties put in equal effort and never give up on findings ways to show affection towards another.