Sharp-tailed grouse

What is the range?
Alaska through Canada, into the northern great plains and lake states
Where are sharp-tailed grouse leks?
Open, elevated areas
Where are nests located?
Usually beneath low shrubs
What are the winter habitats?
Shrubby rangelands Riparian areas Deciduous and open coniferous woods
What is the diet of the sharp-tailed grouse?
Fall and winter-buds,seeds,catkins,fruits, herbaceous matter, cereal grains Spring and summer-forbs, grasses, insects, fruits, flowers
How do males attract females?
Dance display
When does breeding occur?
mid-april through early may
How far away are nests from leks?
within 1 mile of lek
What is the average clutch size?
11-12 eggs
How does burning affect sharp-tailed grouse habitat?
How should woody vegetation be managed for?
It should be kept between 10-25%.