Shobhit Sharma Press Release

The new advanced technology and features not only make it easy for the user to use it but also eves power consumption saving time and money. The new features include grilling, barbecue, roasting etc. Which are totally new in the market. MAGIC CHEF offers strong brand that provide trust, value and performance without compromise at a very reasonable price as compared to other brands. Packed with a host of innovative features and cooking functions, the new microwave series is a perfect solution for those who want to cook a variety of healthy foods quickly and easily.

MAGIC CHEF has developed an extra edge over its competitor by getting an SIS certification. As it was a new entrant in the existing field of Home Appliances market it needed to have a point of differentiation to differentiate it from the existing player in the market which it did successfully, being the only brand having SIS certification. The presence of SIS Certification Mark on a product not only helps the customer to establish trust but also is an assurance of guaranteed quality.

The mark certifies that a product confirms to the Indian Standard. MAGIC CHEF, was started by Mr.. CAYUSE BRADSHAW in 2009 as a very small player in the Home Appliances business. Mr.. SASHAYS BRADSHAW is a radiate from TIT Hydrated and MBA from MOM Bangor. “Newest microwave combines easy-to-use features and a stylish design, with the latest technology, helping you to prepare delicious, oil-free food every time” says Mr.. BRADSHAW.

According to him those who are keen to introduce healthy eating into their lifestyle, it is the perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen. Consumer needs are changing and they want easy methods of cooking saving both time and money as compared to traditional methods. Appliance efficiency standards represent a huge opportunity to help families eave money by saving energy, while still delivering high quality appliances for consumers at a reasonable price. The general consumer is not an expert in microwave cooking” says Mr.. Sarah, product development head of MAGIC CHEF. What they want is to make cooking easy and convenient by spending lesser amount of time. The companies have always invested a lot on research and development to build a disruptive technology which will help to get an extra edge over all the other players in the market. They have always tried to fulfill consumer needs ND requirements in order to provide better microwaving experience with changing demand.

Some companies have focused on convection features while others on sensor technology in order to differentiate it from other players in the market but high production cost has always been a barrier for them. That isn’t the problem with the new MAGIC CHEF series of microwave ovens as it focuses on multistage cooking with different power levels thus saving energy. It also have Auto terrorized feature I. E. After the cooking is complete, the microwave oven runs the fan for a short period of time to move any odor and heat from the microwave oven cavity.

MAGIC CHEF is focusing on target marketing in order to achieve higher sales. The prime target is tier 1 and tier 2 cities where time saving activities is the biggest challenge. They are focusing also on BIB sales in the form Of NC offices, Hotels, Colleges & School canteen and Restaurant Chains. The vision of the company is to strengthen its root in the Home appliances market by continuously introducing new products and services that has innovative technology fulfilling the consumer needs and demand.