Show social and cultural sensitivity

It might because in her culture, they are often passive and don’t want to speak out their point of view. She might be timid and that IS the reason why she is reluctant to complain if a problem arises and just stand there to take these abuse. I might have a conversation with Tiring about what she has done is not right and either does the chef and try to understand why she might be having difficulty getting help, she may feel ashamed.

She would say back to the chef with a respectful manner that he has no right to abuse her in a workplace because what he was doing is discriminate her. She has the right to be treated as well as the others and even she is not as good as the young men, the chef should not said that but try to help her improve her skill instead. Could also offer to go with her if she need additional information or support. But most important I should not become angry or frustrated with her decisions.

Part B: Firstly, with Kiering and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth has arthritis in her hips ND although can walk short distances prefers to use a wheelchair, would choose a restaurant that have a wheelchair way and the toilet is in level 1 so Elizabeth could go easily and don’t have to go upstairs which is hard for her. Secondly, Helen from Munich- Germany, Helen may prefer some kinds of food which have pork, beef, poultry and sausage.

Because Germany has any immigrants just like Australia, they has adopted many international cuisine such as Italian, Turkish, Arab, Indian, Thai, Japan so Helen might be fine with tot Europe and Asian food. Aisha and her daughter Pizza is Muslim so basically they eat hall meat which is not have pork. Ms. Automatic and Mr. and Mrs. Yogi are from Japan they might want some food with rice, seafood. In conclusion, in order to choose a suitable restaurant for people from different culture from their needs, I will choose a restaurant that have variety kind of food which have meat, seafood, hall meat, rice and have a wheel chair way.