Sicko Analysis

Examine the comments made in the film from people in Canada, France and Great Britain (and Michael Moore) regarding their view about moral or shared responsibility. In Canada, France and Great Britain, it is laughed upon when Michael Moore asks how much one has to pay for practically any health care. These three countries share basically the same views of ethics and morals.

They believe that when someone is in need, you help them. Plain and simple. It does not tater what financial position you are in, all that matters is the assistance you need and that you get the proper care you deserve as a human being. In an interview with a doctor in Great Britain he explains to Mr.. Moore that “you pay according to your means and receive according to your needs”. When Michael asks if America could ever work that way the doctor has no hesitation to say “no”.

Canada, France and Great Britain have a shared belief that everyone has a responsibility for each other because without care and respect for everyone else it will be a chaotic world to live in. B) Relate what you saw in the film back to one of the philosophical theories found in chapter one. Apply one of the four ways of locating the ethical. One of the most prominent philosophical theories that kept showing up eve”/here in this documentary for me was ‘Demonology’ which is the study of duty. In more than one story, the need for people to take action and to do their duty for their peers appeared.

For example, Adrian Campbell lives in Detroit but crosses the border illegally for Canadian healthcare which is being provided by her friend who is a Canadian. Even though this is wrong for busing the power of universal healthcare in Canada, it shows the desperation that Americans have. It also shows that Drain’s friend is doing his duty for his friend to help her to be healthy no matter what the consequences could be. Emmanuel Kant who best represented Demonology saw two types of ways of how we come to know things.

The first is theoretical reason which is the uncontrollable laws of nature like gravity, and the second is practical reason which is personal and controllable choices like drinking and driving. The people in Canada, France and Great Britain use practical seasoning with healthcare, education, and how the government runs the country because it is what we ought or should do. This can also be related to one of the four ways of locating the ethical which is called ‘The Beggar” or the experience of the other.

Emmanuel Elevens describes “The Other” as any person We come face-to-face with, especially someone in need. This way of locating the ethical is shown in the previously stated countries because they see the need to help. The Other stays with you even after you are no longer face-to-face with them and from that constant reminder you are more prone o want to have a positive and moral thought instead of a negative one which makes us want to do more good than bad or act morally. C) The power of this film was in the telling of stories.

What story in the movie moved you the most? Why? The story that moved me the most was around an hour and a half into the documentary when it was shown that a common occurrence in America is when an individual cannot pay their medical bills, the hospital will take matters into their own hands and practically ship them off to where they will not be a problem for them anymore. This appalled me that a country so big ND powerful, who claims to love their freedom and their citizens could do this to people who could not afford to simply stay in a hospital room.

A terrifying example of this is during the making of the film, a patient from a hospital was put into a taxi without shoes and still wearing her hospital robe and sent to a shelter. The woman named Carol was disoriented and did not know where she was and the taxi driver did not even take the time to see that she got to the doors of the shelter safely. Another inexcusable detail of this story was that the hospital and the insurance company involved made sure to move their names from Carol’s hospital bands before she was sent away.

They did not anyone to know they were responsible for something so inhumane. The fact that this even happens let alone often makes me sad that live right beside a country that treats its citizens like they do not matter. Coming from such an amazing country healthcare wise, it’s terrible even listening to the stories of the crippling debt from one visit to the emergency room while can go get an X-Ray for no cost whenever feel like it. This story in particular really opened my eyes to how lucky I am to be a Canadian.