Skill the skills’ assessment. These guidelines include the

Assessment is a tool, readily and easily available over online web-portals,
that helps job aspirants; candidates; students to know if they possess the
necessarily required qualifications and skills to work and perform in the
nominated job profile before getting finally selected for the designation.

there are numerous skill assessment modules available for both free & paid
version over many websites. But important question arises for the credibility.
This is no big problem as when you Google search for skill assessment modules,
AMCAT & Letsintern make it to the top list. Where AMCAT acts as a source
provider to a dynamic, statistically-analyzed and credible skill assessment
module for aspirants on the lookout for a suitable and interesting job offer;
LetsIntern gives an in-depth skill assessment to the candidates who are opting
for any sort of internship (in both paid and unpaid versions) for various

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AMCAT & LetsIntern provide for a global platform for suitable job finds and
internships, their skill assessments have a great deal of credibility appended
with the performance report of the candidate registered with them. Since many
countries require a pre-migration skills’ assessment scheme; the students
wanting to serve abroad may find these available modules extremely helpful. A skills’ assessment should not be confused with
licensing or registration. A skills’ assessment helps one to determine whether
your skills and existing proficiency is relevant to required standards in one’s
nominated. There are certain guidelines that the students need to follow for
the skills’ assessment.

These guidelines include the following –

Be ready with all your authorized
certifications and related documents, both in original and photocopy.

Other credentials
pertaining to specialization courses should be duly attested and verified.

qualifications backed by duly verified and relevant documents / certificates /
mark sheets.

Skills based
certifications should be descriptive for the type(s) of skill(s) acquired, the
duration for which the session was attended and validation date.

Assessment is really a big deal for pre-joining a job profile and / or an
internship in pursuit. If, by any chance, the aspiring candidate is falling
short of the required skill or level of proficiency in that particular skill,
various skill development policies and programs are available to hone the
skills at par with the requirement.

skills system in India is evolving day-by-day and it is reasonable enough to
expect a greater attention to be paid in assuring quality of training and
assessment. The recognition and certification of skills in India is
increasingly relying on 3rd party assessment involving assessment bodies that
operate independently from the providers of training. This approach presents a
range of unique challenges that need to be addressed if the quality of training
outcomes and confidence in the Indian skills system are to be maintained. Since
skills’ assessment is a rapidly evolving sector in India, enabling individuals
to be benchmarked against their peers. It also has more intrinsic value in
creating opportunities to motivate students and to give feedback. Assessment is
closely linked to certification, as individuals often have the opportunity to
gain a recognized certificate if they pass an assessment; certificates can
provide a platform from which to progress to other areas of learning, to get a
job or to progress within their existing careers.