Skills qualities doula

My reasons for the word that have used is because they are all the skills and qualities I think that you will need to be a good Volunteer Doll. Easy going – you have to get along with many different types of people. Professional – if you’re not going to be professional then it’s not worth been in the job. Good natured – to get along with other people. Good time keeper – it’s rude to keep people waiting. Strong -? to be able to support the mum/family. Have knowledge of their surroundings – you need to know what services are on offer in the area.

Open-minded – not everyone will share the same views r beliefs. Good listener – to be able to let the mum share her fears. Mum to make all the decisions – it all got to come from her so she feels empowered about the decisions that she has made. Approachable – so the mum can feel like she can tell you anything. Non judgmental – everyone has different views and beliefs. Good feedback – so any problems can be dealt with by the right agency. Confident -? if you are confident the mum will feel confident. Kind – so the mum feels at ease with you. Confidentiality -? to protect yourself and to protect your mum.

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Patience – regency and labor happen when its ready to any time of the night or day. Ask for help – if there is something you don’t know all you have to do is to ask. Signposting – knowing which agencies are out there and which will be needed. Empathy – putting yourself in the mum situation. Knowledge of other agencies – you need to know what other agencies could be involved with your mum. Caring – just being there for your mum.