Slave Autobiography

How It Started A system harried by us slaves rebellions and conspiracies developed a network of controls in the southern states, backed by the laws, courts, armed forces, and race prejudice of the nation’s political leaders. The south Basically wanted cheap land to push slavery more to the west. The south resented paying for projects that provided little benefit to its people. The south referred to those areas that permitted the practice of slavery. Many slaves dreamt of escaping the cruel, horrible, prisoner South. Hardworking Pain

Working on the plantation for long hours was my daily Job. No breaks, No stops, Just pulling and picking weeds. Sometimes I felt like my hand or arms were about to fall off, but I knew if I dare stopped, my master would’ve beaten me until he felt like I was punished enough. Some slaves were even put in a hatbox if they got tired and stopped working. They’re were slaves outside and their were slaves inside, but the slaves inside were over the outside slaves. I was an outside slave or usually called a black pig or nasty dog.

Our master knew who weren’t working and who was. He usually has snitches, slaves watched and made sure everyone was working, and if they weren’t working it was the snitches Job to tell our master. Trying To Get Away Being that many of slaves dreamt of escaping the prisoner south, some decided to make their dream a reality and tried to run to the north to claim their freedom. But the consequences of trying to escape slavery were very brutal and inhuman. But I wanted out, I couldn’t bare to take the pain any more.

So I came up with a plan. Two former slaves and I decided to escape on our 10 minute lunch time. Instead of going o lunch, we were going to meet up with other slaves at the underground railroad and make our escape. Lunch started and this was our time, we walked all the way to the last road near the underground rail road. I felt so satisfied, thinking I completed my mission. Until I heard a person screamed “Stop Right There!! ” Before I knew it, people started yelling, gun shots were being blown, and bodies were dropping like flies.

No Use I awoke to my master pouring burning water upon my face. He yelled at, taunted, and beaten me to my last breath. When I was put back to work on plantation, many laves were talking about the terrible tragedy. I was told 20 slaves were shot and killed, and 5 who was valuable were shipped back to their masters, me included. I Felt guilty and horrible for the tragedy. I lost all hope, I couldn’t Bare try to escape again without the fear of not making it. I felt useless and certainly like a stray dog.

All I Knew was to work and please my master. I was emptied out all my faith and hope were lost. I was broken down to my soul. Can’ t Stop Now I watched how my former slaves grieved for their freedom, but no one ever did meeting about it, especially after the terrible tragedy. I went to take my 10 minute lunch break, and their my master was. I knew when my master came outside to watch us eat, nothing ended good, he always found someone to beat and mistreat for the fun of it, and I figured that today was Just my day.

He eyed me all the way until I got my tray, he then came over and smacked the tray out of my palms. He told me to eat made me furious, I couldn’t take no more, even if the consequences. With a deep powerful tone of voice, I said to my master ” You Just Watch! ” I seen the deep fear in is eyes, but to cover it up, he replied, watch what Niger? I dropped my tray and continued walking outside to plantation. I made up my mind that I was in FACT going to escape and be a FREE MAN.

Free Man I disguised another plan, but this time I told no one. I had to think not only inside the box but ousted too. I had to really Jot down and plan out my escape. I thought on how the first plan to escape failed, and what cause it to fail. I sat and corrected all my wrong doings without being caught, I had to be mysterious and sneaky in order not to fail. I converted with no one, and kept to myself. I remembered that traveling by foot from Bucktooth to Philadelphia was about 160 miles, but that was where I needed to go.

I decided to be shipped by one if the company’s who transported goods through the underground railroad. I traveled in the box lined with baize, a coarse woolen cloth, carrying with him only one bladder of water and a few biscuits. There was a hole cut in the box for air, and it was nailed and tied with straps; in large words, “This side up” was written on the box. The box was turned upside down roughly and I felt very lump and bump it hit, but I was not stopping. Finally the box reached a stop, and I heard noises of a train.

Even though I was excited I tried not to get too happy, and loose my train of thought. The Box was Loaded unto the train, and after being in a cramped up box for hours I made it to Philadelphia safe and sound. I never thought I could’ve accomplished this mission, but there I was a FREE MAN. I waited patiently on the lord and he heard my prayers. Dear Master: I Told you to watch me, and I told you for a reason, no longer shall I be your slave. Sincerely: Anonymous (FREE MAN)

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