Slumdog Millionaire Scene 4 – How is tension created?

Analysis of a scene: How is tension created? (Slumlord Millionaire Scene 4) In the fourth scene from the movie “Slumlord Millionaire”, Salami and Kamala manage to escape from Amman and his henchmen by Jumping on a departing train. In this scene Tension is created in different ways. So for example when Salami is to fetch Kamala for his “casting” the two boys are shown in an extreme long shot when they are disappearing in the darkness. The spectator is left to wonder if Salami will really betray his brother and allow Amman to mutilate him.

But first of all Kamala has to sing ND behaves rather cheekily by asking Amman for money. The spectator has to wait and becomes even more excited as he wants to know what will happen next. Meanwhile Man’s henchmen are already preparing the upcoming procedure, which is underscored by the sound of their hands clapping. Then the camera moves closer to the table showing the spoon, the lamp and the bottle of anesthetic from a low angle shot. In this way the equipment appears very dangerous and frightening. One of the henchmen points at the bottle in a close-up.

He wants Salami to anesthetist Kamala. Again the spectator is left in the dark as to how Salami is going to react. There are two possibilities: he is either going to obey the order or he is going to escape with Kamala. The spectator holds his breath but gives a sigh of relief when Salami throws the bottle into the man’s face and in the following chaos can escape together with Kamala. Music begins to play- it is very rhythmical and loud and accentuates the frantic flight. The spectator is enabled to have an overlook by the camera showing him the scene from a high angle.

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Amman, when trying to reach for the boys, falls over a table and so the boys and Latvia are able to run away- however followed by Man’s henchmen. While the children are running there are tracking shots from different angles. One second the camera is in front of the children showing close-ups of their faces, which express strain and exhaustion, the next second the camera is tracking them out of the undergrowth. Then again the camera shows the gangsters chasing Kamala, Salami and Alaska. The spectator cannot help but eel as if he was running too.

When the children finally arrive at the train station, the two boys manage to Jump on a departing train. Latvia catches up with them and Kamala urges her to reach for Salami’s hand which he is letting down to her. But as soon as she has caught it, Salami lets Lattice’s hand slip again so that she cannot escape but is caught by Man’s henchmen. So the spectator cannot really feel relief at the end, although two of the main characters have escaped. Slumlord Millionaire Scene 4 – How is tension created? By paprika