They make and sell all the handcrafts in their own premise. However, they also sell their handmade products to the wholesalers, which will be sold to strategic places that can attract foreigners and visitors from inside and outside the country. Their main target market customers are foreigner or visitors, but now they also can gain more profits by making souvenir or any innovative that attracts people inside the country. For example, now they make lots of tissue’s box and certificate holder that materials are fully from songfest fabric to University Malaysia Skeletal.

The owner runs the business and makes the handcraft by his own and have 10 employees, however there is only 3 to 4 persons work with per time. All the process like cutting, scaling and joint all of the materials, he’s doing by himself. It’s not like him not give trustworthy to his employees, but he wants to avoid any waste materials. He started the business only with ARM 50, and make a purse by using batik fabric. From that time, he started to gain profit and his business now can earn more than thousand per month.

Now, without seeking for demands, he sells the products to the wholesalers and make the products based from the demand in the markets. When we were questioning on Mr.. Masses “Do you have any goal while you set up this business? ” And, we can see the urgency from his face. As what Mr.. Masses said in the interview session, where he believes that everyone will have a goal in life, as well as a goal in the business. For him, he is just like any other ordinary businessman in the world, where he wants to grow his business worldwide. Mr.. Masses was category as the person needs for achievement.

He sets his challenging goal and he does believe that he will achieve it in years. Although things may not turn out to be what he has plan, but he knows that he will putting effort to make sure he will achieve it. Mr.. Masses told us that his business in batik and songfest is hardly to expand in the global level as he is a sole trader and a small business. As if he wants to export his goods, he might need to suffer for shortage of capital. At the beginning of the business, Mr.. Masses starts up his business with ARMS as his modal. People may wonder how he can survive in the business field when he only has ARMS.

But as for today, he had proved to everyone that he made it. Yes, he grows his business with ARMS, no joke. Mr.. Masses does not want to borrow from the bank. He’s willing to work hard at the moment without lending from anyone because he does not want to pay for the interest rate. Mr.. Masses told us, interest rate may become a burden in a business and this may effects the revenue of the business every month. As or today, Burnham survive in the market with seven expert workers (full timer) and 6 workers from outside (part-timer). And, the workers are all well trained by Mr.. Masses in one or two week time before they start to work.

This is to ensure that, every of his workers that he hired can produce good quality of goods. And, Mr.. Masses does not want any of them to slight the process of work. RETAIL STRATEGY Target Market Who Are The Target Customers? The target customers of his business are the tourists who come from another state and have the interested about these products. Another that, Mr.. Masses also focuses on the customers from the Students University Malaysia Skeletal because the students come from different places. How Does He Run The Business? His branch operation time is from every Saturday to Thursday and the time is from 9 a. M. To 5 p. M.

He closed the branch every Friday and Public Holiday. Another that, he will hard to handle its own business-calculating wage, pay utility bills, find best supplier, handle the files related to business, ensure the production and selling activity going smoothly by self. Business of Mr.. Masses is specialty in producing high quality of handicrafts, begs, and souvenir based n batik & songfest. He also will create new batik and songfest handicrafts by its own idea. His product likes batik and songfest has supplier to whole Malaysia and other country. His business already export and sell in oversea such as London, California and China.

Merchandise Assortment What are the major brands they carry? Burnham Distract is a cultural gifts store. He sold many types of products in the store. The shop arts and crafts supply store which concentrate on batik and songfest. He sold more than 200 varieties products in the store including the pencil case, toys, purse and so on. First item he started to sale is purse which is only 7 inch made with batik. Then he added more to sell 6 models of pencil cases and purse add from 3 inch to 9 inch. Monkey which started on year 1992 is the most famous product he sells in the store.

The toy was own design. He produces a thousand of monkeys each month and 500 of it only provide for KALI. In addition, the products of Karaoke at Koala Lump are produced by him. Do they have private brands? No. Burnham Distract doesn’t have any private brands. A private band, also called a store brand, is brand that carries the retailer’s name, or is otherwise exclusive to that retailer, but is produced by another company. Mr. Mohammad Masses calls the products as Malaysian Craft. The retailers prefer Mr. Mohammad Masses no to put his products as private brand.

This is because the retailers scare their customers will straight come to him. Therefore, relationship between supplier and retailer are very important to maintain their business. Where does this retailer’s merchandise fit on the category life cycle? Category life cycle describes four distinct stages that a retail institution progresses through which are introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Then, category fife cycle is useful for predicting sales. Burnham Distract products are classified as being declined. The decline classification may actually become a self- fulfilling prophecy.

This is because many products have been successfully maintained at the maturity stage. Burnham Distract buyers have been consistently to buy with a mature product. Although decline is inevitable for some formats, retail managers will try to postpone it by changing the retail mix. These attempts can postpone the decline stage, but a return to earlier, attractive levels Of operating performance is unlikely. Sooner or later, a major ass of market share will occur, profits will fall, and the once-promising idea will no longer be needed in the marketplace. Why do you think they choose this state of life cycle?

As Burnham Distract carries cultural gifts merchandise with an unpredictable demand, it is difficult to predict level of profitability and sales. This is because craft market is uncertain. The market is depends on tourist which travel to Malaysia. Arts, craft and cultural gift are seasonal merchandise. Therefore, the sales fluctuate dramatically according to the time of the year example school holiday, exhibition, or function in Koala Lump. Most travel destinations and related tourism products such as local traditional souvenir have at least one set of high and low seasons.

Therefore, many companies will stack their marketing plans with a heavy high season and light low season spending budget. This affects the amount of marketing that takes place during each period, as well as the types of marketing used. Does this retailer carry convenience goods, shopping goods or specialty- goods? Burnham Distract carries specialty goods, as the company carries a wide selection Of arts and craft merchandise assortment with 200 varieties tales. This enables Burnham Distract to better match the demands of their targeted consumers.

On the retailer side, Burnham Distract always makes sure all the products supplies are in good quality. Specialty goods have particularly unique characteristics and brand identifications for which a significant group of buyers is willing to make a special purchasing effort. Human Resources How does this store prepare and train their sales people? Employee training is probably the most significant investment an employer can make. Therefore, it is essential that a systematic approach be used when organizing training programmer. Mr. Mohammad Masses thinks it is not difficult to train his employee. He describes craft as handwork.

Normally ladies is more interest and very good in handwork. Therefore, Mr. Mohammad Masses is looking for the employee who interested in handwork. Employee who interested in this kind of product line is much easier to absorb the train lesson and knowledge that given by Mr. Mohammad Masses. Are they paid on commission, salary or hourly wage? Mr. Mohammad Masses does not pay the workers according salaries. It’s all depending on the quantity of the workers produced. There are only 8 full time workers in the store and 8 houses outside at Skeletal. Burnham Distract has 8 places at Skeletal which call ‘One House One product’.

This is means one house only produce one product. The 8 houses were having a contract basis with Burnham Distract which they have to produce one product to the store. Any people in the house also can produce the product but must in good quality. Next, there are 8 full time workers in the store which are pay on the total quantity them produce in a day. Full time workers have to work from am to 5. Pm every day except Friday. Terms and condition of the workers are the workers have to make sure that the quality of the products must be good quality and accepted by Mr. Mohammad Masses.

If Mr. Mohammad Masses unsatisfied or rejected with the products their produced they have to pay back the money according the sales price but not costs. This is because Burnham Distract objectives is manage to maintain the consumers. So, Burnham Distract has always provides good quality products with reasonable price to consumers. Lastly, Mr. Mohammad Masses also gives benefits to the workers. He provides attendance reward to the workers who come earlier or before game. Any one f the full time workers come before game to work can get ARM as a reward or bonus on that particular day.

Even some of them who Were works there for certain period can get ARM or RMI if come to work earlier on times. Retail Store Location Where is this retail store located? This store location located at Atman Behindhand, which is Neighborhood Business District. Neighborhood Business District is a shopping area that evolves to satisfy the needs of the people around the residential area. Commercial retail locations are available in many different forms. Like most communities, there are probably older shopping areas, new bustling retail action and some tucked away shops.

Why do you think they chose this location? Retailers have many store location factors to consider when choosing a place for their business. For this company, Burnham Distract, their retail location is located at downtown area. The location where they choose is at Atman Behindhand, Pentagonal Cheap. There are reasons why they choose this type of location. It is because they are more freedom and fewer rules for the business owner. Is this site accessible for the customer? This location is visited by many people from several of communities.

Many immunities are hard at work to revivalist their downtown areas and the company Burnham Distract can greatly benefit from this effort. However, the lack of parking is generally a big issue for them. This type of store seems to thrive in the downtown setting. Pricing What is this stores pricing policy? The pricing policy of Burnham Distract use is quality product with product line pricing. Product line pricing is setting the price steps between various products in a product line based on cost differences between the products, customer evaluations of different features and competitors prices.

What other practices do they use to compete the price? The store does not the price as a way to compete the competitors. This is because their goods prices mark-up based on the cost and the final price is still affordable with all levels of income. Does this retailer use the cost-oriented method of pricing or demand- oriented pricing? Burnham Distract use cost-oriented pricing to establish their business. This method in which price of a product is changed according to its cost when the cost is high, the selling price of its products will be high. Is there a frequent shopper programmed organized? No.

At this moment, this store did not organize any frequent shopper programmed since it would be a waste of money because of the shop sells specialty goods which are craft. Communication Mix What type of paid advertisements does this business use? Marketing is a broad business function that includes product research and development, merchandising and distribution processes and pricing, as well as communication or promotion. The communication mix refers to specific methods used to promote the company or its products to targeted customers. Some depictions Of the promotional mix include five elements, while others add a sixth event sponsorship.