Social most widely used. Facebook makes it easy

media access worldwide is rising and becoming more intense. As per the
statistics shown on Statista,
it is estimated that there will be approximately 2.62 billion social media
users around the globe in 2018, leading from 2.46 billion in 2017. It proves
that it’s really taking control over our lives. Nowadays, having a social media
account is a must because as the time travels, social media has taken over the scene.
There is this attractive interest in applications, but have you ever wondered
what applications do most people use? We’ll indicate some of the most popular
social media sites that are being explored by the people today.  FacebookFacebook
was invented in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg in the role of school-based social
network at Harvard University. There are more than 2.07 billion monthly active
users all over the world, which is a 16 percent increase every year (Facebook,
November 11, 2017). More than 2 billion people made Facebook the largest social
app in the world and one of the most widely used. Facebook makes it easy for
people to share and communicate with others. It is a website where users are
allowed to share status updates, post photos and videos, stream live videos in
public and chat with your family and friends using Messenger app. By means of
Facebook, we were not just post, upload and chat, we could also develop
friendships with others and have friends from all over the world. It is pretty
difficult and challenging to escape from the crowd of Facebook users because it
is too broad to disregard. Twitter

was founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Evan Williams on March
2006. It was introduced in public on July 2006 and has its headquarters in San
Francisco, California. It is a social networking site that enables users to
read and post brief messages, widely referred to as tweets. Twitter’s length of
tweets is limited to 140 characters, but expanded into 280-character tweet
limit as of 2017. Twitter was recognized because of its hashtags and with this,
people can reach a larger audience with the same interest as what they have
searched. It is all about broadcasting daily short messages, with a chance to
shout out their feelings to the world and to convey inspirational quote-message
to everyone. Additionally, individuals send tweets for some reason like to get
rid of boredom, to catch attention and to interact with other people, even