The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea is about a young boy, Unborn, who is a part of a “gang” who does not believe in the same thing that society believes in. They seem to have their own views about life and what should happen. Nobody’s mother, Fusses, has found love with a sailor by the name of Risky who she plans to marry. Risky was well respected by the gang until he decided to be involved with Fusses. The gang believed that father figures were powerless and that when a man dies he should be more respected as if it is a celebration of a powerful life.

During the discussion the topic of systemization and traditional culture was brought up a lot. Fusses is more of a westernizes background person and the gang represents more Of the traditional aspects. During the New Year Fusspot’s house is decorated based off of western culture and and she dresses based off of the western culture. The boys are thought to represent traditional Japanese culture because they represent the author’s group by their radicalized.

The gang does not believe in emotion and they have no feelings towards anything that happens. But, a thought that came up is how could the gang believe in no emotion when they showed emotion towards the end of the novel. The foundation of the gang was brought up and the conclusion was that the gang was made by the. He found young boys who he could easily manipulate but also take them away from their stressful lives and give them someone who cared about them.

In reality the chief is frightening and knows how to easily control children by telling them what to do and having no worries about them doing it. The end of the discussion was the talk about Uris’s death. The main question was, how could Risky not know that they were going to murder or even punish him. From the many opinions I’ve gathered that Uris’s instincts told him that meeting was going to happen because things weren’t going good, but he refused to follow them because your instincts arena always right.

Another major point of the discussion was that throughout the novel Risky connected the love of a woman to death and death to glory. Now that he had the love from and for a woman he was bound to have glory which would lead to his death ultimately leaving him with glory in death. If he believed in this then why wouldn’t he have some type of realization that it was time for his glorious death?