Song Of Roland

How Blanching assists Ganglion in directing anger away from Canella and Charles and instead directs it towards Roland. Naturally you will want to discuss Ganglion’s motives, but they should be mentioned in the opening paragraph. Here are some ideas, modifications and options: Begin with the talk between Ganglion and the Saracen envoy Blanching during the journey from Charles’ headquarters to Monorails.

Then Ganglion states Charles message in the harshest, most offensive terms possible, and, acting as his surrogate, draws Narration’s hot anger on himself. But with Blandness’s help, this anger is diverted from Ganglion and Charles and directed at Roland. They now plan the destruction of Roland by means of an attack Of the rear guard. Naturally you will want to emphasize the bad relationship that existed teen step father and step son, because this must have played some role in Ganglion’s motives.

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Other possible thesis assignments you may wish to write about are the following: The attitudes towards Islam in The Song of Roland Oliver’s attitude towards Roland In what ways is the Song of Roland a demonstration of the reverence towards kings in the Middle Ages? The supernatural and the super human elements in the story(omens, dreams, the angel, and superhuman efforts). Anyone want to cover Ganglion;s trial? If you choose one of the above (new) thesis choices… Create your own title.