The children are the future” is a part of the lyrics of a song done by popular artiste Whitney Houston. ‘Supervise’, as defined by the Collins dictionary, means to watch over, direct or check on. The researcher has observed that there is a lot of youth delinquency in the society and believes that this is linked to the lack of parental supervision thus, led the researcher to ask the question ‘Is parental supervision necessary for a positive growth?.

This is the dead that led the researcher to choose the topic “Lack of parental supervision is the main contributor to youth delinquency in society’ under the theme of “Parenting’. The researcher faced many problems in sourcing information for the research, however only two will be addressed. The face to face interview with the guidance counselor was unable to take place on the previously scheduled dates. To address the problem the researcher interviewed a different guidance counselor. Another challenge was that two respondents could not be found to return the questionnaires.

After waiting for some time he researcher had to re-issue questionnaires to other persons to get the correct amount for the sample. A total of seventeen (17) questionnaires, each consisting of fifteen (15) questions were distributed to the respondents of Neutral Road community, port Antonio. On November 15, 2014 at approximately 2:30 pm. The researcher issued questionnaires to parents who are between the ages of twenty (20) years and forty (40) years. All respondents live with their child/children, and majority of them, totaling to ninety-two percent (92%) felt that parental supervision is not necessary.

Seventy percent (70%) of the respondents believe that friends/peers have the most influence on delinquent children as opposed to the twenty percent (20%) who believes that parents have the most influence on them. Sixty percent (60%) of the respondents felt that parents should supervise their children to keep them from becoming delinquents, and twenty percent (20%) felt that parents should supervise their child to ensure that get school work done. One question in particular asked ‘which age group do you think parental supervision affects? Majority of the respondents felt that individuals n the age group of 13-15 are the ones who are affected mostly. Therefore, the overall stance the respondents of questionnaire took in relation to the topic was that the lack of parental supervision is not the main contributor to youth delinquency in society. A face-to-face interview was conducted on November 17, 2014 with Sophia Robinson, a Guidance Counselor and teacher at Happy Grove High School. When asked the question ‘Do you believe that parental supervision is the main contributor to youth delinquency in society? Re response was “absolutely yes”. She went on to say that if parents were oppressing children properly and giving them the attention needed, then children will not become delinquents, when a child feels loved and nurtured, they generally are settled and well-rounded individuals. She was asked to highlight other factors which contribute to youth delinquency. She felt, even though to a lesser extent that, friends and family members greatly affects youths. She was asked the question ‘would it be necessary for parents to be concerned about their child’s day to day activities?

She affirmed this and went on to say that children will like to know that parents care about them, ND as a result they will do positive things knowing that parents will check on them. Therefore, the overall stance she took in relation to the topic was that the lack of parental supervision is the main contributor to youth delinquency in society. An article retrieved from the Jamaica Observer written on July 23, 201 2 entitled ‘Youth at risk- the ties that unravel’ by Maniac Sepal reported that one of the strongest predictors of the children going against the law is poor parental monitoring and supervision.

It stated that young people who feel a connection with their parents are more likely to stay in school, would tot enter the labor force prematurely, innate sex at a later age, avoid the use of drugs and alcohol, and be less violent than those who do not have this emotional connection to their parents. She also pointed Out the weakness in parenting and absence of proper supervision in the home, also cause children to run away. She believes that some children flee their homes as a way of rebellion.

Some of them run away because they want to teach their parents a lesson. They think that their parents are too strict. Some of them are being abused at home or in their community and so it is a way of escaping the buses. Therefore, the overall stance the article took in relation to the topic was the lack of parental supervision is the main contributor to youth delinquency in society. The respondents to the questionnaire can be considered a credible source, since they have the experience of being a parent.

However, they may not have any experience with delinquent youths and so information received from the respondents might be lacking in reliability, due to little or no experience around delinquents. The questionnaire was a reliable instrument as it allowed the researcher to collect large amount of information. The use of close ended questions allowed the respondents to choose from given options and so they were not allowed to stray from the point. The questions asked were free from bias as the researcher tried to ensure that the questions were not opinionated.

Based on the results of the research, the researcher is able to generalize the information to the world at large and so it can be seen that external validity has been achieved. The interviewee was deemed credible. She studied at the Shorewood Teachers College and is currently enrolled at the Happy Grove High School where she is teacher and counselor. She has five (5) years’ experience of being a Guidance Counselor. She was able to express herself and the questions asked allowed for elaboration of her responses.

She was able to comment on the issue and to voice her opinion because of her experience and qualifications. The information received during the interview is reliable because other persons depend on the guidance counselor to give truthful responses. Using a face-to-face interview as an instrument was good because it allowed the interviewer to see the facial and body language of the interviewee. It also allowed the interviewer to clarify answers or ask for clarification of unclear answers. The Jamaica Observer is the oldest daily paper in Jamaica.

Because of its long existence it can be seen as a credible and reliable source of information. Its readers believe it is a believable and trustworthy and they can always depend on it to get factual stories. The article obtained from the Jamaica observer was written by a credible journalist, Marcia Sepal. She studied at the University of West Indies and the College of Journalism, London. The information received from the article is liable, due to the fact that the information is placed in a respected national newspaper.

In summary, our society will be better if parents supervised their child or children. If this is done then there will be a reduction in youth delinquency in the society. If parents want to build a world With less delinquents then children must be supervised properly by parents. Three sources Were examined to arrive at this conclusion. Two sources agreed that parental supervision is the main contributor to youth delinquency. On, the other hand, one source disagreed to the topic.