Spruce grouse

Where do spruce grouse live?
Northern coniferous forests or taigas
What percent of adult spruce grouse migrate,and how far do they go?
25%, 5-10 miles between breeding and wintering ranges
What is the habitat of spruce grouse?
Early successional conifer-dominated forests
What are spruce grouse feeding habits?
Herbivores that consume small amounts of animal matter during the snow free periods of the year.
Main food item is needles from pines
How big wintering flocks?
Up to 30 birds
What is important to the diet of chicks?
When do most clutches hatch?
65% hatch in a ten day period in early june
Incubation lasts about 21 days
What is the clutch size?
4-5 eggs
When do young disperse?
~September 15th
What is used to survey populations?
Wing clap survey, Line transects
What is the primary conservation method for spruce grouse?
Burned pine forests support grouse at maximum densities for 10-15 years