stack factors

Plume arising is affected
plume rise, wind speed and direction,satbility to dilution, downward distance and downwind,warm seasons, neg on chart
plume rise
exit and velocity and mass, bouyancy
relation of gas mass and temp to surrounding mass
effective stack height
plume rise + stack height
wind speed and direction
gas stream direction (where it blows), wind increase with height, wind shear
Dispersion of air polltuion out of a stack
Stack height and opening, gas velocity nd temp, and flow rate.
Plume behavior
Looping, coning, fanning, fumigation, lofting
unstable, rough air dispenses the plume, and can be carridto the ground
satble vertical temp, overcst skies low wind speeds, neg on chart
positive on chart (temp), inversion, rise min, hori spread is small
inversion below plume, no mixing
inversion below and above stack, neg on chart