Stasiland Praces

In Fender’s tale Of the horrendous acts of the Totalitarian Regime, although the character of Frau Paul was one of the characters who’s soul was major damaged throughout the historical event of Assistant, she was not the only one who’s essence was spoiled. Many of the victim’s and sufferers of the Stasis regime livelihoods have resulted in similar turmoil and tragedy of her own. The impacts and similar level of hurt has occurred for the members of the Stasis, as they live their lives in abundant hope in the return of their beloved society.

The individual stories of the damage endured by others due to the regime may contrast that of Frau Pall’s arsenal anecdote in some instances, however the amount of intentionally inflicted finalization presented by the GIRD has reached the same pinnacle level of the highest degree. Frau Paul undoubtedly endured a great level of impairment and suffering as she pursued her life under the strict regulations Of the Totalitarian Regime. Funded re-tells the her victimized story through her narrative “Assistant” of a mother separated from her terminally ill child at birth.

Thus developing and leaving a permanent “wall through my heart’ which has left many scars, but will never truly heal. Frau Paul is a character of many long lasting mummifications from the acts of cruelty under the Stasis regime, particularly due to the fact the East Germany forcefully separated herself and her partner from their terminally ill son, Trotters, who was being treated in a prestigious West German Hospital causing her much pain, guilt and sorrow.

As a final result, Frau Paul attempted to escape the sickening confinement via a train to Western Germany so she could be reunited with her son and be free from the Gird’s reign. This unfortunately failed and resulted in abuse by the Stasis officials in attempt to gain a sense of authority and control over her. Stasis members sent Frau Paul and her husband to the “High Pretty House” prison, where they were both held as jailbirds for five months. Here, Frau Paul endured horrendous acts, which would influence and reminisce in her “courageous” mind forever.

She was compelled to sit on a “stool too small” for twenty-tm. Or hours, as well as being sentenced to four months of physically harsh labor torment. Frau Pall’s experiences in attempt to flee from the ill treated situation she called home were a result of Stasis members venture for power and control over citizens liker herself. The physical and mentally inflicted pain caused by the Totalitarian regime has now permanently left her crying “so silently, its more like leaking’.

Frau Paul is continually reminded of her designated past in her new, present life as she is currently a tour guide around “Homogeneousness” prison telling not only her stories of the torture endured by the Stasis regime, but of other fellow prison inmates as well. Frau Paul comments “I hate this place, but IM still here”. Her hatred for the GIRD regime has not changed since the fall of the Berlin Wall as it has impacted her future livelihood and relationships with those she loves.