Storm of a Lifetime

The Storm Of A Lifetime…. The sky turns black as the storm comes in. The winds come and stay. The rain turns to hail pelting everything that is not under cover. He runs in with welts on him but he is laughing. The dogs want to go outside but they know something is wrong, the power goes out, no heat, electricity, or comfort. We huddle around the fireplace trying to stay warm, mom brings blankets down and lets us stay by the fireplace. “Did someone Just open the window? ” mom asked. ‘Wait.. It’s always freezing” Dad yelled from the kitchen “But its worse. ” yelled my brother and l. The numbness hurts as it sets into our warm pulsing blood.

Someone Just took a knife and pierced a hole straight down to my bones is the only sensation that comes to mind. We look out the window and we see that we can’t leave our house. We hear a boom. The pine tree next to my window has fallen. We all rush up to my room and look out the window. The tree fell onto our barn that the horses were in. My dad and brother decide to go out and move the horses into the other barn. We beg them to not go out into the storm, my sister and her boyfriend were supposed to come up and see us. They were going to fly in at noon. I doubt I’m going to see her anytime soon.

They said they had surprise for us and they were going to wait to tell us when they saw us. There is a car accident in front of the house and there is blood over. Help can’t come till the storm is gone. There is a knock on the door and someone is begging for help. A bloody body stands, sobs are coming from everywhere, blood trails from the road to the house, the body comes in carrying a baby. “Can you help us please? ” says the shaken voice holding back sobs of pain. My mother helps take care of her and her child as gently as approaching a scared horse. My brother and I make something for her to eat while my sister brings more blankets down.

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The sound of crackling and smell of burning wood makes me feel safe. I curl up with my black lab mix on the floor, petting him to calm me down. Another loud noise occurs. It sounds like nails on a chalkboard, metal being moved or scraped, nails on a window. Nobody knows where it is coming from. The mother and child from the accident try to stay quiet, they know what is going on and what is making that noise. We tell her it’s going to be okay but she insists on leaving. She leaves the child with us and runs out into the storm. Everybody is quiet. BANG. We hear a gunshot but we don’t know where it came from.

BANG. BANG. BANG. We hear a scream of pain, weakness overcame her. Nobody knows what happened to her body. That was the dream that I keep having. Nobody knows why. I have a feeling I know why. I have a bad past that affects a lot of things. I can’t trust anyone. The things have been through effects me. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I am telling a point in my life. The dream/ storm is a person that has affected me. This dream may come true. I hear the screams every night. We hear footsteps and a dragging noise. The footsteps get louder and louder, the dragging noise becomes distant, barely audible.

We are all dead silent you can hear everybody breath. There is heavy, haggard breath right outside the window. Nails there?! ” bellows my dad. The crunch of footsteps on the hardened snow is not there. It’s more of someone trudging through the snow barely moving. That’s where the dream ends. I wake up knowing that I’m safe and my puppy is sleeping right beside me. I curl up into a ball petting my puppy waiting for the comfort to hit me. Today I sit on the porch watching the dogs run around in the tall grass. This is where I feel the safest. Home. I know nothing will happen here. This is my home and the dream will never happen…. Again.