Strategic Leadership

There is an assumption that the application will be cost-efficient. However, there may ma a requirement for instructors and students to go for training to use the application that can translate to extra costs. It is also possible that the learners and teachers who fail to attain what is required of them may find it hard to understand how to use the program too. As an entrepreneur, I face a challenge of convincing the clients and investors that the new product will meet the learning requirements. If the overspent sets a law that prohibits the application of the software in the learning institutions, the innovation can be a wasted energy.

I will also need to establish the teaching methodologies for clients with different needs. The situation can lead to more issues of the clients have multiple learning needs. Innovative leadership is applicable style that can encompass flexible schedules for the workers for motivation and adopting appropriate response to clients. The leadership cannot establish how to control the abuse of the flexible schedules Of the attackers. One of the strengths Of the business Of the equines is the availability of human resources (technology specialists) (Sparks, Farther & Cooper, 2001).

The specialized resources that can enhance future modifications of the company to suit the customer needs are the current strengths of the company. The human resources is the business partner and for the talent management will impact the future of the company to hire potential high achievers and performers from competitors The appropriate way to influence others to work towards the goal of the company is regularly communicating to them about the current state and the expectation of the company.