Strategic plan used in healthcare management

A plan designed for strategic management is used in the area of health care to help the organization come up with ways to utilize of any available opportunities and hence minimize threats which may arise.  Strategic plan entails the vision of the company which help to give hope for the future while strategic goals work as guidelines for the company.  The mission explain the purpose of the specific company and at times boost employees.

The various internal factors which are observed in the organization are the various strengths available and the weaknesses which may arise.  The company has not employed new expert in recent past and this has brought delayed technological input.  This pose a threat to the company.

The key opportunities which may be highlighted are in the external environment and are seen in the technological healthcare management and the use of control plan to monitor the progress.   Change of routine work of the employees helps them to have time to relax (Mark, 2004).  As  observed in the area of communication and the processing unit where communication by the use of the internet was seen.

The organization shall standardize communication to help the connection between the physicians.  All the physicians shall be connected to the hospital and to help in improvement of the services.

The payors who come in as third party shall have good connection with the physicians and there shall also be good flow of information from physicians and the pharmacists and between physician and the patients.  This connection increases the speed and improve on accuracy of information hence improving health care management.

Chester (2006) noted that auditing is the best way to monitor development of an organization following the organization’s set strategies.  Auditing is therefore the process by which an organization measure its performance in the market.

There will be occasional audit of the various departments which are will help will help the organization identify any problems and help to close any identified gaps.  The audit plan shall work together with the research group to ensure that the best health care services are delivered.  This helps the organization to meet its defined vision and the organization also observe the values written in the mission.


The current plan for the healthcare organization is to conduct several audits with research being carried out in the areas which are found to be experiencing serious problems.  There is a shortcoming in the area of technology where great experts are still being outsourced to help in departments which have complex problems.

This problems has been experienced by all the companies in healthcare management who are all seeking for improvement of healthcare.  As experts involve in various research work, they are all calling for further research to be done and the improvement of the technological input.