Student One Acts

The last person who speaks is Marimbas Nuke who plays the character, Deeded. The play overall was very mischievous and adventurous, al though there is an important message that is being conveyed throughout the whole performance e. It appears that people are desperate enough to do anything for millions of dollars, whether it kills them or not. A sad, but true fact Of today’s society. I could not agree more to what the perform manic was depicting. All of the characters were key elements as to what may or may not happen if a person were to fall into the trap of what society has to offer.

Although the performance CE had such a deep sage behind it, I found that it was quite boring. The reason is because UK knell’s character had too much energy and sass. It made the performance kind of amateur. The second performance was called “Confessions”. The first person to speak o n stage was Brian Classed who plays the character, Augustine. In this performance, t he messages about “peer pressure” play a key role as the other characters come out. Although the e message is true when it comes to peer pressure, I found no interest towards the play. M not putting any hard feelings at all towards the actors and actresses, but it seemed that they had t o much energy to play the roles as the bullies. Ambrose, Monica, Friend, Faustus, Pear Thief Lea deer, and Nun weren’t awful, but they could work on their sense of keeping a straight face. The third performance that came out was called, “Monster”. This performance had Maim Devilries play Thrash/ Alex, a girl who appeared to be possessed by someone else who loved to kill innocent people. The importance of family despite the deep and dark seer test they may hold is shown behind the performance.

Ale’s sister, Connie, who is played by Melisa Tillie defends err sister by detectives who are out to catch Thrash. The detectives are playa d by Gabriel Inveterate (Detective Kent) and Escritoires Morale (Detective Mark). While the message behind the performance is quite weird yet sweet at the same time, the acting was quiz tee impressive. Devilries method Of acting like an insane girl and innocent girl can be so dice vying In real life. The innocence captured by Tillie fits perfectly of the defensive character, Con nine- Although feel that both Morale and Inveterate needed some work when it came to thee r actions.

It wasn’t invoicing enough that they were serious about catching Thrasher, especially when the scene of Thrasher murdering everyone came out. Overall, the performance depicted t he meaning quite well. The pace was quick and specific. The fourth performance that came up was called, ‘Wolf Print”. The performance CE sets back during WI, where a family of Jews had to hide in their home with the h alp of one Nazi. The Nazi, Erich, is played by Getty mom while the character, Cecilia, is played b y Allele Wyandotte. These two play as lovers who share a forbidden love that could put their lives in great danger.

The performance radiated with passion and bittersweet romance that left a h retraining ending. The acting was more than just perfect, each character was depicted perfectly by their actors/ actresses. The audience was able to feel the senses of fear and anxiety. Whet her it was the arrival of new Nazis or the passionate kiss between Erich and Cecilia, the audio once would be able to feel it as the performance went on. The only thing that had to be Chain geed was the character, Renee, the daughter of Erich and Cecilia. The fifth performance that came up was called, “Climax Club Battle Go!

A per performance that is influenced by Japanese culture. Highly influenced by Japan’s mango (co miss) the competition between Gander Jay, played by Craig Walters, and Brash Leon , who is played by Texan Morley, was very feisty and action filled. There was a lot of humor, but only to the audience who was familiar with anima and mango. While it was geeky and her OIC, this was a performance that was also very impressive. Many were able to feel the intense TTY and enthusiasm that the actors and actresses displayed. I feel that nothing had to be improve d because not much

Was even needed to create an even better performance. To sum everything up, I enjoyed most of these performances because I was a bled to find the humor as well as the deep meanings and death between all these character errs. If only the play was provided with the means of better backgrounds and props for their build nags, the atmosphere would of been highly on point with the actors and actresses. Overall, this is a play that is perfect for anyone over the age of 1517. Not exactly familiarity, since it has Rated language and some scenes that are not suitable for young audiences.