Study Plan

I have profound knowledge of planning, designing and implementing profitable resources in the company. I have excellent ability to find out the problems within the existing system and make changes within them. Beside This have Profound Knowledge of Autocrat. Currently develop and optimize economical industrial processes involved in Petrochemicals manufacture. The work is concerned with scaling up processes from the laboratory into the processing plant. My responsibilities include projects for designing equipment, understanding the reactions taking place, installing intro systems, and starting, running and upgrading the processes.

Environmental protection and health and safety aspects are also significant concerns. Nuclear Physics is one of the most challenging and exciting fields of science, simply because of the complexity of the subject and the breadth of the applications. The quest for deeper understanding has inspired numerous advances in applied mathematics, computational physics, and experimental techniques. Nuclear physics is the field of physics that studies the constituents and interactions of atomic nuclei.

The most commonly known applications of nuclear physics are nuclear power generation but the research has provided application in many fields, including those in nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear weapons, ion implantation in materials engineering, and radiocarbon dating in geology and archaeology.