The main aspects of the Suffix movement are worshiping God, belief in one God who is omnipresent, renouncing worldly pleasures, and belief in pacifism. Suffix have faith that God does not live in temples or mosques, but in the minds of humanity. They yearn for a close relationship with God through devotion. They also believe that there is only one Allah who is present everywhere. They renounce earthly pleasures and seek to attain a union with God.

The Suffix movement also believes in non-violence and holds a firm opinion that social evils can be eliminated only through peaceful methods and love. There are different accounts of the reason why al-Hall was executed. One argument is that al-Hall was killed because Of his blasphemous remarks and his claims of having achieved a perfect relationship with God. The other argument is that al-Hall was seen by other Suffix who did not like his doctrine as a threat to government stability because f his influence Aimed al-Aziza made several contributions to Suffix.

He was also one of the members of the Naturalism order of Suffix, a religious group whose members can be found across many areas of the world today. AAA-Galahad is particularly remembered for the many volumes of books that he wrote, in which he offered religious views and principles aimed at guiding Suffix Muslims in all their daily life activities. Hunter, S. T. (2004, April). Demagnification in the Muslim World Obstacles and Remedies.