Summary of the article ‘Pathogens in Our Pork’

Many pathogenic micro organisms these days are becoming resistant to antibiotics. In his article dated March 15 2009 “Pathotens in our pork” Nicholas D. Kristof explains one of the reasons for this trend. Human antibiotics are being increasingly used on pigs. This situation couldn’t get worse with the human antibiotics being misused even on healthy pigs. As a result the microorganisms are developing resistance to these antibiotics. One such microorganism is MRSA (Methicillin resistant streptococcus aureus). The number of annual deaths caused by MRSA which is more than 18,000 (in America) is alarming.

We can’t blame the pigs for all these. It is we who are responsible! Unlike in other European countries, there is no legislation in the United States preventing the use of antibiotics for non therapeutic purposes. We might have to pay a hefty price for satisfying the interests of the agribusiness in this way. It is now leading to what some people call as the health crisis. It is now up to the government to take a call on this threatening issue which is a huge cause of concern. It is time to decide if we still need to continue supporting the interests of the agribusiness by keeping our health at stake.

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