Supply of food contrary to section

Non-compliance of provisions of Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code in relation to food business and contrary to Section 16(1) of Food Act, 1984.

Non-maintenance of equipment for ensuring safety of food which is contrary to Division 4, Clause 12(1)(a) of the Food Standard Code 3.2.3. Unclean premises contrary to Division 5, Clause 19(1) of Food Standard Code 3.2.2

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2. Inspection of Environmental Health Officer to the restaurant, collection of sufficient evidence of unsafe cooking pans used and especially wire strainers which were broken and that were matching with the wires collected by customer in the cooked fried rice.

3.According to Sec.4F, the offence is charged against proprietor of premises “Burnt Chops Pty Ltd” and the restaurant was registered under the name James Poonson and Shelly Martin.  Both the owner and proprietor of premises are liable for offence.

4. Questions about registration of restaurant, the reasons for neglected, unsafe cooking methods, penalty/ compensation / claim for loss of lives and non-compliance of food standards code.

5. First hand evidence is the piece of wire. The second evidence is post-mortem report of Michelle and conclusive evidence is that of Richard and Environment Health Officer whose personal inspection report about the restaurant premises and food must be considered .

6. Consider taking pictures/photographs of kitchen, restaurant premises and prepared food and packing materials.


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