Where, you are able to amazingly get close to nature, to explore the attractive cities and the pleasant culture, cuisine and see the beautiful and the eye catching nightlife. Switzerland has something for everyone. Mattering: Mattering is a mountain located on the border between Italy and Switzerland. Mattering gives you striking views as its elevation is 4,478 meters high . Let is an unforgettable mountain tour-in the face of the most beautiful mountains in the Alps.

It is also considered a symbol for Switzerland. Fixed Rope Park- Mat. Rouge: The fixed Rope Park includes five levels of different lengths, difficulties and heights planned in an alluring forest with granite blocks from the last ice age. This is definitely an adventure you don’t want to miss. The Rhine falls: You experience to stand above the largest waterfall in Europe. It fascinates visitors with its great water volume. There is also an adventure park located on the north bank. All those for adventure can glide tree to tree on 11 different courses with breathtaking views.

It is an amazing experience. Food and Wine: Swiss dishes tend to be plain and are made with simple ingredients, like potatoes and cheese. Foods often include cheese and chocolate. There are popular dishes such as Rossi served as a daily dish. The wine is produced in the west and south of Switzerland. The tradition of wine in Switzerland has been going on since the roman era. Culture: Switzerland is made Of many European cultures. The architecture is very rich in expression. Also, Switzerland is a place for well-known writers of literature.

Folk art is mainly expressed in music, dance, wood carving and embroidery.