The Online Examination aims at reducing costs associated with conducting Exams over a period of time and achieving total automation of examination system. Related tasks like registration, publication of results which leads to a very high degree of system efficiency. The project allows faculties to create their own tests, it would enable Educational, institutes to perform test, quiz, and create feedback forms. On- line Examination System is very useful for Colleges, Universities to prepare an exam, save the time that will take to check the paper and prepare mark whets.

This is fully automated system with low costs, minimum effort. Reliable and accurate. Saving a lot of time, instant result after examination. No time wasting for checking the paper. And Online Examination it’s easy to store and retrieve student’s information and their examination reports. Background of the Study Online Examination System (GOES) is a Multiple Choice Questions (MAC) Based on examination system that provides an easy to use environment for both Test Conductors and Students appearing for Examination.

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The main objective of GOES is to provide all the features that an Examination System gust have, with The “interfaces that doesn’t Scare it’s Users! “. It is a logical way to make students appreciate and make easily answered From the different types of questions. The Online Examination System was based On the Surveys that this is the only choice to make these questions answered directly. Objective of the Study General Objective: The Objective of this study is to make a unique online examination that could be used for the future users.

Specific Objective: 1. It is less consumption of time that could be easily used for users. 2. The system could keep the result of a user in examination. . Could easily checks the errors Scope and Limitation of the Study Scope of the Study This study would be very useful for educational institutes where regular evaluation of students is required. Further it can also be useful for anyone who requires feedback on objective type responses. 1. The proposed System enables to input a Data. 2. Unregistered users cannot answer test. 3.

Administrator has the responsible to fix the unexpected errors from the test. 4. The Proposed System provides fast instant result after examination. 5. The Type of questions is only multiple choice, essay or true and false. Limitation of the Study The Study limits the things that could for the user. 1. The System can be access using Internet. 2. The System can keep the results of the examination. 3. This System is restricted to be forging for the safety Of the school. Input Process Output Conceptual Framework of the Existing System Figure 1. 0 In figure 1. , The student’s will required to answer on their examination After the examination, the teachers will check the answers and getting the scores. And the scores will be converted to grade that will be recorded as their student’s examination grade. Input Conceptual Framework of the Proposed System Figure 2. 0 In figure 2. 0 , First the user will provide to create a account for his own security. Second, once the account created, the user will now get started to go examination period. Also it could use to explore the feature components of the system.

Lastly, when going or finish the examination , the answers will be verified to shown the results of your answer. The result will shown as your grade. Definition of Terms: Student – User mostly a student who will appear for the examination Department – Another user mostly department member , lecturer or examiner who posts set of questions , the available options and correct answers. System Administrator -? Super user , adds department, and manages system and creating surnames for the employees.

On-line Examination – An exam written on a web site and solves the questions, also on the same web site from any place by entered user name and password. Chapter II Review Of Related Literature and Studies Foreign Studies Design and Implementation of the Nee;org Examination System Based on IBIS “Faint Eng Beaching Normal University Beaching”, 137000, China assessed @163. Com Keywords: reform of test; B/S; database of item pool; outwork examination . Abstract. Today the changes of the test mode are common. Many exams have adopted computer test, so the reform of text mode will be a trend in universities.

Based on the working practice, the paper showed a project about the reform. It improves the work’s efficiency greatly. Introduction The school will make a final written at the end of each semester. The whole process of examination involves a lot of things. Such as test paper printing examination room arrangement, papers review, analysis of test paper and so on. The traditional mode of examination makes the whole process too hard and sates too many resources. The working efficiency is very low. With the development Of computer and network, the Computers have been used in teaching.

So the network examination is possible. In order to improve the quality of teaching, realize public and fairness of the examination, reduce the teachers’ burden, it is imperative to use a new kind of high efficient and fast network examination. Network examination system is divided into two categories: one is based on the C/S neuron, the other is based on the B/S network. C/S network exam system is usually used to make a single subjects test and must install the linen first. But the B/S network examination system is very flexible.

It can organize the examination according to the requirements. As long as the student has a browser, he can join the exam by network. Local Studies PUBLISHED : DIRECTOR IV FERNANDO M. PRIOR DIRECTOR Ill LORELEI QUERIED-COHABIT reprogrammable. SC. Gob. PH Tell. # 951-2578; 931-8163 Fax # 931-4138 [email protected] SC. Gob. PH One of the most important and visible functions of the Civil Service Commission is the conduct of examinations – the first step in the process of selecting prospective civil servants. Examinations are conducted based on the

Constitutional mandate that appointments in the civil service, except to certain positions defined by law, shall be made according to merit and fitness, to be determined as far as practicable by competitive examinations. The examination system is as old as Philippine Civil Service System. Every year since 1900, the SC has been administering examinations for entrance to the government. Chapter Ill Methodology System Design This process defines the architectural interfaces of the system design. It also include the main production of the system development that could be acquire as a knowledgeable equipment.

The system Development Life cycle (OSDL) The software development means the terms of the circular process of the system. This process could include as engineering creating or altering of the information systems etc. These kind of methodologies form the framework for planning and controlling the creation Of an information system , the software development process. Figure 3. 0 This research the system development life cycle will start to the planning then analysis , design , implementation , maintenance and back to the first method. It is a rotational process that the system works. Software Requirements

Software Specification Requirements Application Software PH ADMIT Any Internet Browser CAMP 8. 8 Table 1. 0 In table 1. 0 shows the Software Specification and Application Software that the proponents used in this study. Hardware Requirements Hardware Specification Processor Intel Processor Memory BIB or higher Monitor / Display 12″ or higher / 1024×600 screen resolution or higher Hard Disk KGB(recommended) Keyboard USB AVER 220 volts Local Area Network Card 10/100 Ethernet Card Coal Cable HTTP Cat 53 Straight-through Table 2. 0 In table 2. 0 shows the hardware?s that the proponents used in this study.

Instruments and Technique Used 1. Observation method involves human or mechanical observation of what situation could be possibly do. Observation for the information could be gained, it uses for the additional development of system. 2. Interview conversation of ;o or more people for making a state of facts. This instruments uses for a lot Of suggestions Of recommendation tools to know the other problems of the current system. 3. Questionnaire a research instrument consist of serious questions with a computer related mechanics and may be distributed to the people. 4.

Survey the proponents collect data in order to the analysis the some aspect of a group or area. Evaluation Procedures This Institute is looking for bringing continuous evaluation system of the students which is essential in technical education. This can be achieved through online examinations. According to this examination procedure, online examination will be conducted simultaneously in all the colleges. This procedure helps to implement the continuous evaluation systems since the paper setting and evaluation is automated and also ensures uniform evaluation. Statistical Treatment The Likelier Scale was used in the evaluation of the software.

It became easier of the proponents to tally the answers of the respondents’ from the evaluation questions required to develop the software. Likelier Scale Interval Verbal Interpretation 4. 50-5. 00 Excellent 3. 5-4. 49 Very Good 2. 5-3. 49 Satisfactory 1 . 5-2. 49 Good 1 . 00-1 . 49 Fair Table 3. 0 In the Table 3. 0, shows the table refers to the set of attitude statements. Subjects were asked to express agreement or disagreement of a five-point scale. Each degree of agreement was given an equivalent value from one to five. Thus, a total numerical value can be calculated from all the responses.