Teacher education is an integral component of the

Teacher education is an integral component of the educational system and intimately connected with society. It is, therefore, essential that teacher education programme must ensure that student teachers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with the requirements of changing society. The trained and motivated teachers can deal effectively with the all the challenges of modern society. Teachers of tomorrow who will bear the responsibility for preparing intellectually equipped critically thinkers for next century. Hence teacher education programme must be examined and retooled if necessary to provide those needed intellectual challenges to its cadre of prospective teachers to mould them into lifelong learner with requisite skills and knowledge ready for the challenge (Cantor, 1995). High-quality pre-service programme of teacher education can strive constantly to prepare teachers to improve the learning process by offering them opportunities to upgrade their knowledge and skills over the full length of their career. For the professional development of the teachers, it is essential to engage students with new and innovative ideas about education and try out new classroom activities. Experiential Learning focuses on the experience of teachers developing their classroom practice. Therefore to improve the quality of pre-service teachers student teachers must be provided with various kinds of experiential activities that would help them to develop new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking. By applying knowledge to experiences they participate in process of learning by doing. In an experiential learning student teachers manage their own learning by reflecting on their experiences in the new and challenging situation. It provides opportunities to learn in a real world setting outside the classroom. Such experiences not only enhance subject matter knowledge but also have the positive impact on academic performances too. It also develops confidence, characters, and autonomous learning.