Teen Pregnancy

With all those money spent on teen parents, it would’ve been spent on maybe preschool for 191 children, 22 police officers, 17 teachers, 12 nurses, and give 2 year college for 390 students. Also in 2009, teen births in Mississippi taxpayers paid 154 million. The money includes lost revenue for teen parents, foster care, teen parents who dropped out of school, and childbearing. With so many teen parents, it shows how the state doesn’t have that much business with a 29% working adults that have a 2 year degree. But if you compare it to the U. S average, it’s 38%.

So it’s obvious that the state goat get more of the people educated so the state gets more business, educated and do better economically. This relates to economics because of revenue. Revenue is price times quantity, which equals the total earning of a company/firm. So the articles says that the state is doing bad economically because the teen parents drop out of school, gets pregnant early causing the state have to use a lot of money to provide for them without getting any money back when they can hire a lot of other teachers, nurses, etc to improve the state.