Teenage Alcohol Abuse

The adverse effects that alcohol has on a teenager can not only be dangerous for ones health but it could also result in a tragedy such as death. Whether it be a student in high school, college or a regular teenager, peer pressure plays a dramatic role with the outcome of his/her life: I can speak from personal experience.

My sophomore year of high school I started drinking alcohol and attending the regular parties, which occurred, on occassions. When people start getting involved with the “in crowd” anything and everything can happen: It could determine the outcome of a person’s life. High school is supposed to be the best times of a teenagers life and they want to live those incredible four years of their lives so they can remember those memories until they are eighty years old.

Throughout my high school times I drank alcohol on every day of every weekend and did it with all of my best friends. That’s all everyone did and there was not a possibility that myself or any of my friends could not always be around it because it was always there. None would even think of the long-term affects it would have on our lives because we were having the time of our lives and none could take that away from us.

I received two M.I.P.’s before I reached the age of sixteen. I considered it a slap on the wrist and kept on doing what ever I wanted to do. My friends and I were known for the party: If there was a party we were there.

Everything was going smoothly until I moved to Dallas to attend Brookhaven College. I didn’t study in high school so I automatically had the preconceived notion that I wouldn’t have to in College. Believe me, there is a lot more people and a lot more things to do than study in this unfamiliar place. I made friends and we would drink until the sun came up and sleep until 3:00 PM that next day. I noticed my attendance in my classes was steadily dropping and so were my grades. But I didn’t care. I cared about going out to clubs and getting inebriated until I would pass out or vomit. I continued Binge drinking that whole year, every day and every night.

March 28, 2000 my friend and I went on a night on the town. We started drinking extremely early and attended a bar at the West End of Dallas. We went into the bar halfway drunk already and began drinking more and more. We were there for about 3 hours and when the time came to leave, we didn’t have any other way to get home except to drive.

Being unfamiliar with the streets in the area, and me being pretty well off in the inebriation stage, not to mention my friend in the passenger seat was throwing up in my car, I got pulled over for going the wrong way down a one way street. The officer made my friend and I get out of the car and take sobriety tests, I refused to take a Breathalyzer test and so off we went to the county jail. My friend went to detect, but since I was driving I went to the big house. I received a ticket for driving while intoxicated and sat in jail for sixteen hours.

I am now stuck with a year suspended licensee and two years probation and it was not at all worth it. I have numerous hours of community service and expensive fines over the next couple of years to pay for my wrongdoing. Now I was forced to move back home and work to pay off all of my fines for one night of partying.

In conclusion, It is in no way wrong to drink alcohol under the right circumstances and I have learned my lesson the hard way. If there were a time in my life that I could go back and change it would be that night. I know that a friend of mine would say the same thing if he were still alive. Unfortunately, he was in a terrible car wreck that cost him his life his senior year of high school. I know the outcome because I saw him lying in his coffin the day of his funeral.

All he was doing was drinking and having a good times with his friends and paid the ultimate penalty, death. Rusty Vansant was a victim of alcohol and no one could ever bring him back to the place that he would have wanted to be today. He left many friends and loved ones in agony over his death. But now people still do the same thing he did even knowing what happened to him. It just doesn’t register. People our age are socializing and drinking and not acknowledging the outcomes of this drug.

I have not drunk alcohol because of the trouble I’ve been getting into: M.I.C.’s, DWI, and all I have to show for it is absolutely nothing but wasted money and time. Memories have faded from my mind from this drug and it will happen no more. I have ambitions in my life that I want to accomplish and I don’t want them to be destroyed because of alcohol. My advise to teenage drinkers get focused on life and have the motivation to stop drinking because they’re heading down a one way street the wrong way. Rest in peace Rusty.