The Ability to Face Hardships

The ability to face hardship is an essential human laity because it motives for individual to look through their way to the future e. In the film Shawano Redemption which directed by Frank Dartboard, the main character Andy Duffer’s also confronts the challenge in prison, and thinks about how to jailbreak. In m y own experience, though English is not my strong suit, still use a lot of method to overcome did faculties. In the memoir Tuesday with Memoir which is written by the author Mitch Album, the protagonist Memoir presents his ability courageously and optimistically when he faces life affliction his imminent death.

Initially Memoir is a satisfaction, and respected sociology professor, and lives with his family. Regardless of the fact that he is threescore e (sixties), he is a big fan of dancing. However , his death sentence came in the summer of 1994 which the doctor told Memoir that he had metamorphic lateral sclerosis (ALLS), and it is no known cure. He teaches Mitch that courageously to confront death. The thought presented by Memoir I s that people cannot really appreciate life until they appreciate death. They need to realism and accept that death is inevitable.

Then they become imperative to grab onto life and expert once as much as possible before death exercises its claim. Furthermore, He optimizes himself a good cry if he needs it, but then he concentrates on all good things still in his life. This state meet reveals part of Morris’s humanity. The manner in which he deals with his upcoming death is often saintliness. However, Memoir admits that he gets down. His words make him even more Ii cable. He does cry. He does pity himself and feel remorseful over his situation. Consequently , as IIS takes Memoir to his final days, he can forgive others and his mistakes he has commit deed earlier in life.

He can say goodbye to the ones he loves. Most importantly, he refuses to let diseases rule his remaining days and go to a television show called the nightline to show other s how he lost and gain during he got ALLS and the spirit that his disease can ends his life, not a re allocation and love. In the film Shawano Redemption, Andy Duffer’s is a survivor from the Shawano prison and pulls through the challenges with the help of his friends. Initially, t he film’s main character, Andy Duffer’s, is a businessman who wrongly convicted of murder inning his wife, and Hurst into a harsh, terrible, and security prison.

However, three prisoners ATT empty to rape Andy. Consequently, he helps warden to launder to make launder helps him to Punic SSH that three prisoners. Even in shocking brutal conditions, he is not only to maintain his pr did, humanity and hope, in order to survive, but he also helps others to do the same to improve others beers and inspiring people like Tommy to do their High School (Math’s) Equivalency ex. ms. When he helps others in the jail, he befriends a fellow inmate Red. Red gives him a mall et, and posters to assist him in order to dig a pothole.