The American Dream Essay Exam

In this country we have learned that everything is double sized. So for most of us the “American Dream” consists of what I mentioned before, but this time everything has to be in large quantities. In this essay we are going to be comparing and contrasting two pieces of art, that somehow marked the difference in how we see history now a days, followed by continuity of change, and last the materialistic country that we have today. From chapter 36 we chose the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F.

Scott Fitzgerald and from chapter 37 the movie “Kane Campaigning in Citizen Cane” by Arson Wells. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a well known author and was considered one of best American writers of the 20th century, most of his work ranged from short stories and novels. In 1924 he wrote the novel called “The Great Gatsby”. In this period of time everything was extravagant, easy money, women, and alcohol were easy to get. Not only that but the author is comparing the novel with the time frame at that time.

The novel is alluding to the American dream, and how a person can get all they wanted with just corruption. Nevertheless we see the great Gatsby as a materialistic character that throws big parties, to earn the attention of Daisy. He does that to show her or himself the things because it is a reflection of himself. A character with all the money, is possessive among everything that crosses his or her was, and is all empty inside. After World War II this period of time is well known as the “Age of Anxiety”.

Most of the people that came back from war, wanted something were they can clear and sort their mind. This opened the door for continuity of change and the rapid release of new things such as: the invention of new technology, cinematography, and music. This led to massive production of new movies and color cinematography. In 1 941 an actor, director, and writer rose. His name was Arson Wells he is well known because Of the massive production f movies. The movie “Citizen Kane” was voted one of the many favorites of all times.

Wells had created history and a reputation and he kept going higher and higher. As mentioned previously, working as a writer, director, producer, and actor simultaneously had the honor of working and collaborating with cinematographer Gregg Tolland. Wells insisted that Tolland would experiment almost every single shot. Tolland placed a lens so that it had a deep focus from foreground and background , also set up the stage so that he had the availability to shoot from above or below so that it would be able o highlight various moments of action on the same shot.

They were pictures lit with chiaroscuro lighting. This term was lend from the painting done way back in the Renaissance. As we compare and contrasted two pieces of very well known artist, F. Scott Fitzgerald with the novel ” The Great Gatsby” and Arson Wells with the shot of “Citizen Cane” we realize all the changes that have been made as the years keep going by and how art was seen back then and how it is seen now a days. Even though World War II was in full swing they still managed to keep producing great films and art.