The Breakfast Club

Claire, the princess is stereotyped as materialistic, caring for how others see her, comes from a good family, conceited, doesn’t break the rules. The jack, Andrew, can’t think for himself, athletic (Wrestling), lives to expectations of his dad. The brain Ryan, involved in math club, physics club, gets good grades, innocent, weak against bullies. The basket case comes from a bad family therefore she wants to run away. She is also ignored because of her weird habits, she’s quiet, and has bad hygiene.

Bender, the bully is sarcastic, airless, bad family, likes to challenge authority (teachers and his dad), constantly angry, does drugs and makes every one feel like they’re insignificant. 2. Conclusion is significant because all the characters had gone through a significant change developing their character, straying away from their stereotypes. 3. It is similar on how the characters are stereotypically portrayed. All characters go through a change making them dynamic but in the breakfast club, the reason for their change was positive which was wrought an open discussion.

The characters in Life after high school had changed in a negative way because of the death of Zachary and closing them off from society. 4. According to the film, it doses it seem hard. Everyone just had to break out of their comfort zone in order to develop from his or her stereotypical selves. 5. It is hard to relate to just one of the stereotypes because it is either black or white. The closest stereotype that I can relate to is ‘The Brain’. This is because I’d like to have high grades because the pressures f graduating and getting into post-secondary are high this year.

In modern society, I don’t think these stereotypes are as prominent as they used to be. This is because people tend to have characteristics of more than one, for example someone can be smart and be athletic at the same time. I think that the stereotypes can form a base around the world. For example, there are bullies, nerds, basket cases, etc but they are depicted differently throughout the world. They are all along the same lines, but the only difference is how it fits in with the cultural differences.