The Canturbury Tales

Choose one of the following questions and write an essay that includes a short introduction, a body paragraph, and a short conclusion. If you’d like help, you can use the writing process guide, or you can go straight to the test- response section. You will be scored only on the test-response section. A. Discuss the use of frame narrative in The Canterbury Tales. What does this narrative device bring to the audience’s experience of the work? What does it allow the author, Geoffrey Chaucer, to do? Use examples from the readings to purport your answer. . Consider the following quote from the Wife of Bath’s prologue: “Experience, though no authority / Were in this world, were good enough for me, / To speak of woe that is in all marriage. ” Write an essay in which you discuss whether “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” supports or does not support the value that the wife places on experience over authority. Use examples from her tale to support your answer. Writing process Guide Step 1: Define Your Topic Rewrite the prompt of your choice in your own words.

Frame Narrative device in The Canterbury Tales. Step 2: Make an outline You can use the simple graphic organizer below to write an outline for your essay. Introduction paragraph hook: Entertainment is a form of teaching others a subject that could potentially change a person’s view of that subject. Thesis statement (Write the claim you are making and will support. ): Moving from story to story is the frame narrative of The Canterbury Tales. Topic sentence for the body paragraph: Supporting ideas for the body paragraph:

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Idea #1: Idea #2: Idea #3: Conclude ins sentence/clincher (Restate your thesis in new words. ): Test Response Introductory paragraph: The Canterbury Tales is a story within a story that tells a story. This makes it a good example of a frame narrative story because of all of the characters telling stories based on their various social classes. In this story, entertainment is used as a form of giving others a different view point. Body paragraph : The author is now able to help people understand more social classes but also be entertained by the people telling the tales.

It also tells that you need to watch what you say about certain classes because there might be a few people who have been in that class. The main aspect is to teach and to entertain the audience. Conclusion (Refer to the main points of each of your supporting paragraphs, briefly tracing the development of your argument. Once you’ve done that, restate your thesis in new words. ): The Canterbury Tales is a frame narrative because people are taking turns telling their own tales.