The children’s reading – When can start reading children

Before the child knows the letters you may already recognize certain words because he has seen in any advertising or in their favorite cartoon, but this does not mean you can read. Knowing how to read is a gradual process that involves a number of factors, one of them is that the child is ready to do so.

Children’s Reading

One question that many parents make is when my child can read? Most experts recommend starting when the child has begun collective maturity, which carries certain factors:

– To determine the ideal place to start reading when the child has to be developed perception and visual acuity, a process that is constantly exercising: written words come first, then the scroll from right to left is known, the spaces between words, punctuation …

– Language development : children need a basic vocabulary to know the relationship between the corresponding graphic signs and meaning thereof.

– The motivation of the child : and is it necessary to create a climate to arouse interest in reading

– The influence of medium : the environment influences the child’s readiness for reading. Parents and educators should encourage him to read.

Motivation, a sociology-cultural enabling environment, the attitude of parents and educators, resources and teaching methods, etc., can act as a great encouragement to children interested in reading.