The Common Types Of Body Modification

Modification have been around ever since there was man on earth. It is the deliberately alteration of one’s physical appearance. There are many ways to modify the body and the reasons varies widely. There’s tattooing, piercing, circumcision and rare ones like tongue splitting and scarification and branding. In this modern world the most common is piercing. It’s really hard now to find 10 women in a group of 20 without some form of piercing. Body piercing started with men way back in the 1 0 000 BC but gradually grew more popular n women over the years.

In this modern world it is mostly done for style or beautification while back then it was done for significations, clans had different piercing to show which clan they’re from and within each clan there were individuals with different types to show rankings/respect. Another rapidly growing modification is tattooing. This too have been around for thousands of years. It is it is originally done to signify different clans, groups, families, traditions and believes. But is this modern world it is one mostly for beautification or body art as some would call it.

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Tattooing is the injection of a pigment under the skin (ink is most common). The modification called circumcision is one that grows gradually as well, most times it is not deliberately done by the male individual because it’s done to children mostly so they themselves don’t usually have any say in whether it should be done or not. Circumcision is the partial or full removal of the foreskin off the penis. It is said to help boys with the proper cleaning of the en’s as well as making it easier to have sex when it’s time to do so.

Circumcision is a traditional and belief practice and have been around for thousands of years now. There are more, a lot more types of body modifications, some not so popular and are considered ‘hard-core’ or ‘unbelievable’. With that said it have been a practice for someone to judge an individual with some form of body modification but it is best to know the reason why that individual have done it before judging because most modifications have their reasons and meanings.